Genesis Scrolls Round 3: {Letters from Mordecai - Love}

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To my beloved students,

For reasons I may not disclose at this time, our daily lectures have been canceled effective immediately. I’m afraid I am indisposed and will not be able to attend.

I am traveling west to meet with an old friend who may be able to assist.

However, I did not want to leave you all without something to mull over so I’ve prepared a series of letters for you which I shall send to the citadel by raven every new moon.

For my first letter, I’ve decided to write on your most requested topic. Love.

Her path is treacherous and her slopes are steep—nonetheless, love.

Her embrace is as healing as it is wounding—nonetheless, love.

Her light will make your garden flourish, then wither it away—nonetheless, love.

For love will do all these things unto you so that you may learn the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge attain true enlightenment.

But should you seek only love’s pleasures and her peace – you will enter a fruitless season where you experience joy, but not all that you could. Where you experience laughter, but not all that you could.

I implore you all to yield to love. Love does not possess nor can it be possessed. You cannot direct the course of love, for love directs your course.

May these lessons live on with you on your adventure through life. May the spirit of enlightenment encompass your loot and may the light illuminate your souls.

Your friend,


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