Genesis Scrolls Round 3: (The Hollow Book of Mordecai Pt 1)

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The Hollow Book of Mordecai

They’re a funny thing, stories. The amount of time we invest in the fantastic, just to push off our involvement with reality. My story began many years ago on a galeless spring day, to one Engbok and Loriette Krow. Like most stories, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end, and although my story began many years ago, it only started when I found the book.

I’ll spare you the details of why I was in the woods rather than at my lessons. I can only learn my maths and reasons for so long before my mind does this wonderful thing. The magic of scrying came quite naturally to me, although I rarely could control it. I’d be with my mentors, getting marks far lower than the protégés, and in a blink, I was miles above the ground. Wind would lift my wings and with every gust, I adjust my flight pattern. Through keen eyes, I saw children circled around an adult who wielded a sword, or a map, or an instrument of science. For a moment I thought I might recognize one of the children but none of that matters to the mind of a falcon. And so I was a falcon. But only just, for moments later I’m crawling through tall grass, chittering about, scavenging for seeds and nuts and berries. These larger forms sitting on the lawn don’t pay me much mind and I keep my distance. From the likes of them, and other predators. And so on and so forth until finally, I came to and once more I was me, sitting in class with nothing much to do about it.

On this particular day, I had ventured into the forest every chance I got. Something deep in the woods called to me. Whether slither, crawl, or stalk I followed after a whisper beckoning me closer. Then my human feet took me, no longer of my own free will I was possessed by curiosity.

‘Harlow, Harlow’ I heard through the rustling of leaves.

‘Harlow, Harlow’ the sunlight seemed to say.

So I went, deep, and chased my interest until I came upon the start of my story. I found a blank book.

Now ready I’ll make you privy to something I did not know at the time. For how could I know this tome, with an aged and cracked spine, its hundreds of bare bleached pages, was in fact a grimoire?

One that belonged to a legend, a myth, a Genesis explorer, thee Mordecai.

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