Genesis Scrolls Round 3: {Yaru Who Walks Through Light}

Name/Pseudonym: {Thomas Radio}
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Yaru Who Walks Through Light

Burned into my mind is the vision I had at seventeen of Yaru Who Walks Through Light.

In the waking hours of a colder day in a cold year, celestial bodies realigned and Yaru appeared to me in the form of a man. I could already see the halo of daylight sing me a twilight sky. The sun pooled in the footsteps of the deity that stood before me.

His skin was copper and lustre shone in the radiance of a million dulled stars. He had no hair on his body but thick bronze eyebrows and full lashes. Between them, in the centre of his forehead, a coin burned but never dimmed, and was too bright to look at for long. I averted my gaze. His earlobes hung with weights of burnished ingots that matched his complexion. They swayed gently above athletic shoulders, which was apparent even beneath his rust colour robes. The garments appeared to be linen, dyed with dark brown panels and embroidered with golden trim.

Only his feet were unremarkable. No light shone from them and they were dusty from standing in the parched dirt, absorbing deep the liquid sunshine.

Yaru Who Walks Through Light was pointing directly at me and if I reached out our fingers would have brushed.

I was alone with the Lightbringer.

“Me.” His casual gaze never wavered.


I was left alone…

Twenty years later Their likeness still remains a scorch mark in my vision in between blinks. Flashes swim in my vitreous.

Yaru is a being of Light and Predecessor of the Attunement. They are the Sun at Day and spread Themselves as the Stars at Night. They exist within Fire and Magic, and some say ingrained in the Eight Orders of Light. There are claims They brought forth Power, carved the Giants, rose the Titans, and honed our Skill unto Perfection. They offer Protection to those who ask, and Enlightenment to those who seek. And as They walk, exude Brilliance.

And I have been fashioned in Their ways.