Genesis Scrolls Round One: The ABC's of a Realms Mercenary

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Volume One, Page Fourty-Seven:

"An arrow wound may be nasty,
But is better than a ballista hit.
Cause one is but a flesh wound, the other, you’re
Deep in shit.

Every warrior of experience
Fears a sun blotted out by arrows
Grab a shield, say a prayer
Hold it in the air, let the Gods decide your fate
If they should be kind, you haven’t joined the late
Just in case offer faith, for ego is insatiate

Kill a man up close, you’ll see an unkind sight
Light of his eyes draining from a former bright.
Many is the man who boasts a killers might
Oddly scant are they when the battle does alight.

Purview of the General is to take the fort,
Quality of the victory, it matters nought
Rage at the cost in blood, issues won’t be fought Suspicious surly sort that knows the price it matters not.

The Victory and Glory, is not for the Soldier
Under wrathful glare, the Sisyishypian boulder
Verily each campaign, a harder day to shoulder

When the twilight sets, the deaths are at his door
Xenium demands that he pays the Boatman’s fare
Yonder does he stare, at a poor and sure despair
Zest for violence quenched in blood spilt in a war he did not declare."

  • Rhyme and Rhythm of an Unknown Mercenary

To the tune of Frédéric Chopin’s Piano Sonata No 2
in B flat minor at double-time for post-war mourning.

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