Help needed: moderators

Looking for moderators to help shape the forum. If you’re interested in helping with this, please share a few relevant details about yourself here.

Also please welcome @dan who is the admin of this forum. :slight_smile:


Hey Dom,

I’m up to help any way I can. A few things about me:

  • On the West Coast/Pacific time.
  • Non-Loot role (day job lol) is in social media and community management (can privately share my work).
  • Joined the Ethereum community last September and have been enjoying the community on twitter but really immersed myself in NFTs earlier this year.

lmk if you’d like more. No rush, obvs. Just wanted to reply before I forget/this message gets lost in the noise.



Hi dom,
Definitely interested in helping out, either here or on the discord server (or both, as there will likely need to be communication and overlap between the two!).

I have a lot of first hand experience with shaping and guiding emerging communities over the past 18 months, and have helped set up and moderate a number of online spaces that have a lot of the same creative energy and vibe as Loot does.

I’m able to work well in a team, delegate responsibilities as appropriate, and have a good feel for the light touch needed when it comes to effective moderation – where creativity and freedom of expression are encouraged, but where there is enough order to the chaos to create a space that is welcoming to newcomers as well. I strongly believe that this can be accomplished without the heavy-handed approach that many online spaces fall prey to; when done properly, a community will start naturally moderating itself.

My “normal” job is writing security software, but I’ve dabbled in crypto over the years (including identifying and stopping a piece of crypto-stealing malware targeting Mac users back in 2014 - 'CoinThief' Mac Malware Steals Bitcoins From Your Wallet).

Happy to share more details if needed.



Hello dom,

I’d be glad to lend a helping hand if needed.

I’m a game developer based in Finland, so can help with unpopular timezones : )

I got involved in the NFT space about 3 months ago. Currently working on a generative art project of my own and helping out on a pfp project that’s launching in October with smart contract development.

I am really loving the direction Loot is taking and would love to be an active participant.


Hi Dom,

Keen to help as a moderator for the forum. Active in the main discord as well as side-discords (particularly Divine Robes). I’m not a coder or developer IRL (I work as a doctor in Australia) but I do believe I could bring further diversity to the moderation team.

I have realised how important moderation is over the last few days in the discord and see it being even more relevant moving forward as the project becomes even more diverse and popular.

I believe this may be a good opportunity to utilise my skills to further assist with the Loot experience.

Dragonarian (Josh)


Hey There,

I would love to help out with moderating the loot forum. I am from the West Coast (PST). I work for myself, so I have plenty of time to help. I have been looking for a way to get involved more actively with the project. I’m a huge fan and a loot holder!

Before covid, my expertise and experience was in business management and operations in the cannabis industry. Since covid, I have dove in headfirst into the world of crypto, Defi, and NFT’s. I have experience moderating Discords, Reddit, and Telegram channels.

Thank you for your time, as well as for coming up with this awesome idea. I can’t wait to see where the community takes loot.



I can probably help.

Working in a project that does community management for JuiceBox and TileDAO. Don’t really have that much time but am always around and can do my bit until I get up to speed on what’s going on, then help so more.

Previous experience in dayjobs with community management, user experience and a lil bit of code and everything in design


Would love to help. Already feel like i have been moderating in #general but happy to help here too.

  • Full time job but readily available throughout the day.
  • GMT time.
  • Absolutely in love with the project and inspired by all these smart people.
  • Work at a desk job day Today, would consider myself a pleb.

hey Dom and looters,

I’m swox, antinertia on twitter

  • Center Europe time zone
  • Mmorpg gamer, 16y in wow. waiting new world :slight_smile:
  • Dedicated full time to defi and nft since jan2020
  • Program Manager Lecryptofellowship & co-host of a french podcast around business & investment
  • Loot owner and hodler. Katana and Dragon Crown gang gang

It would be an honor for me to help you on moderation (& + if needed, marketing & ops profile)

I can spend 2-3h day on it atm.



I’d love to help.

I have a lot of experience moderating and running forums. I was the lead moderator for a big game forum about 10 years ago (Mortal Online), as well as doing in-game Game Master support. Worked my way up from normal moderator, to senior, to lead. I ran the mod team and managed the forums at the time. I also modded a couple of other smaller forums around the same time.

Granted this was a long time ago on much older forum software (vBulletin and then Zen I think?). But I’d love to help out with basic mod duties if possible. I could guarantee at minimum an hour a day, more on an average day. My schedule at the moment would allow me to check in steadily throughout the day.


Hey Dom,

I’d love to help out in any way that could be helpful. Some info about me:

  • Based in Silicon Valley
  • Founded multiple startups
  • Been in crypto since 2016
  • Work with lots of builders and creators in the crypto space

There’s more of course, happy to provide more color/context on any other details you might be interested in.



Hey all,

Very interested in getting involved. Some info:

  • Located in California
  • PhD student in economics and environmental science (significant experience in markets for public goods)

My availability varies, but 1-2 hours a day would be manageable.


Hey @dom! Happy to help too

  • I’m an entrepreneur with a background in building social and e-commerce software products - and have a lot of control over my time
  • I split time between EST and PST
  • I love games - d&d, gloomhaven, warcraft, magic - so I’m excited about what loot can create
  • I’ve been following block chain space since 2013

Let me know if I can contribute!


I work with a group of marketers and CMs since a couple of years and we did a lot of jobs, managed FUD, giveaways and the like.

I have a very good understanding of internet culture, have a good balance between what’s appropriate
and what isn’t.
I’m nice and understanding with people, always go for a win win situation.
I speak 4 languages fluently
I am developing a game concept based on Loot and would like to be there more during these initial stages of the project.

Live in central europe, approaching 30’s, engineering and economical background.
Ambitious, easygoing, trustworthy, not very punctual.




I’m actually committing myself full time to the blockchain from traditional network administration. I’ve got 24 hours a day…and I dont even care about getting paid…I just want to contribute my skills. Plus this type of paradigm shift can be revolutionary. SOLD.

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Hi Dom.
I am volunteered to be a moderator of the forum.

-I work as a crypto investor for 4 years and a full-time degen now. I have invested and advised some gamefi projects and helped them on token model design. Please find my research here:
-I am in SGT(GMT+8) Time zone. Most ppl are in North America or EU area. I can support on Asia time zone.
-I’m a fan of Loot and willing to contribute to the community as well.

Hey Dom - Also happy to help moderate!

I’ve been in crypto since 2017. First helped start a company that exited to a strategic. Then invested in crypto businesses from a strategic. Am now actively using and investing in projects full time.

I’ve also led the design of a gaming token at a company I invested in, actively advise a second gaming token and will do my best to actively contribute to Loot/AGLD governance, token design and ecosytem growth.

I’m on Singapore time and can moderate in EN.


I could handle moderator role for this forum.
My timeline is GMT +2 (Europe)
Would be great if you allow me to create sub-forum for my country.

Hi Dom,
I can be useful as well.

Singapore time.
mLoot holder ( technical specialist and a poet).
A crypto HODLER and NFT fanatic.

I’m also innked to details when it come to work. I’m here to serve.