Introducing the NPC Guild

where to start.
well, theres a lot of us in
We are the NPC Guild after all.

As adventurers…well…adventure, NPCs are always in the background making sure the simulation continues.

We’ve got plans, a lot of plans, and we dont only exists if the Loot Hyperverse does , but you all do create an ever expansive world we can exist in!

Head over to our (working on the /npcguild slug in the meantime) and see our pin to grab an xDAI (gasless) POAP to auth in our discord and join the NPC Guild.

NPC Guild is a LARP between NFT “Project Management” Community a growing group of builders in web3 and specifically nfts and is not officially affiliated with lootproject…

but we’d like to!

if we can be :point_right: :point_left: