Legendary Lineages for your Loot adventurers (or NPCs)

#Legendary Lineages (for Loot Project & beyond)
They always said you can’t choose your family… until now.

Legendary Lineages are randomized family legacies for your adventurers, generated and stored on chain. They consist of a ‘reputation’ and a ‘last name’ for the family, plus a questionable ‘legend’ of former glory or disgrace, handed down through the generations, that the family just can’t get past.

First names, images, stats, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret, for example as part of the broader Loot Project. Feel free to use Legendary Lineages in any way you want.

##About 8-Bit Lineages
8-Bit Legendary Lineages are intentionally low definition, randomly generated using only 8 bits of information for each parameter. Although over 200 thousand variations are possible, only 500 will be minted.

You can think of these low-def lineages as the inhabitants of a small village. The families all know each other, most of them are tightly intermarried, and they gather around the local watering hole each night to debate whose great-grandfather held the greater claim to glory and what exactly even actually happened back in the day.

##The Plan for Legendary Lineages Project
The Legendary Lineages Project will proceed in phases, based on the interest shown by the crypto and Loot community. New phases will launch as the previous phase approaches the point of being fully minted. With each new phase, the information bit-rate and the number of lineages available for minting will double.

Bit-Rate Lineage # Scope Minted Possible
8-Bit 00001-00500 Village 500 262,144
16-Bit 00501-01500 City 1,000 16,777,216
32-Bit 01501-03500 Province 2,000 1,073,741,824
64-Bit 03501-07500 Kingdom 4,000 68,719,476,736
128-Bit 07501-15500 Realm 8,000 4,398,046,511,104

As you can see, things get pretty crazy beyond 128-Bit. If there’s still sufficient interest in the project at that point, I’ll consider a special 256-Bit phase that involves burning special combinations of previously minted Lineages to acquire the new.

As with the original Loot Project, all Legendary Lineages from 8-Bit through 128-Bit will launch for free + the cost of gas. I’ll retain a small royalty on resales and will HODL the last 10% of the Lineages in each phase for personal and special use.

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I find this interesting.

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Thanks! A lot of the other derivatives are focusing on stats and mechanics where I’m trying to add more of a storytelling / roleplaying / relational component to the Lootiverse.

That was some of the magic of the original Loot Drops, I think, that I’m hoping we don’t lose sight of as a community.

I’ve put out a few ideas in other threads of how I think these can be used but I’m very interested in what ideas others might come up with.