Looking for Mloot holders and wondered where the remaining mloot have gone

Wanted to understand where the remaining mloot had gone was it removed, I see there are now 122,117 left and 29,647 holding the remaining… Would appreciate an update, this was 1.3m

Most mLoot haven’t been minted yet. The supply listed on OpenSea represents the mLoot tokens that have been claimed so far. You can follow these steps to mint mLoot if you have an iOS device:

no its not what i am here for thank you, so to ask again
Im here to find the other mlooter…

Thank you every mloot holder has already completed this process so they already know this information… What next for mloot?
Have you already created a proposal? to include or exclude mloot
Whats next for mloot and ogloot?
What happened to the mloot project
The guide is great btw, although already outdated as the remaining mloot bags have already been minted prior to my post.

are you asking where to connect with other mloot holders/people?

If so the discord might be of help… you can find the link to the discord here along with other resources

There are plenty of mLoot bags still left to mint. For example, 901497 is unclaimed at the time of this post. Anybody could go over to etherscan and mint that mLoot token by following the steps listed in the minting guide.

Where are you getting the impression that all of the remaining mLoot bags have been minted?

Is there anything we can do with mloot? I would like to participate in the Loot ecosystem overall, but since I only have mloot it doesn’t feel like there is much to do so far, but happy to be told otherwise?

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hi ancient villager, are you an mloot holder? looking fora little direction dm if you like

yeah I am, but there is not much going on with mloot from what I can tell