Looking for solutions for mloot rarity distribution known in advance

mloot is an amazing idea. However the distribution of rarities of the first 1M items, which will take over 2000 days to only be 50% of the supply was known in advance. Most of the rare items have already been minted by bots. This means for at least the first 5 years of the mloot ecosystem, players that access to the rarity list(on github so everyone does) bots today will have a massive influence on all statistical rarity in the future. I think this is a problem.


It sounds trite but it is going to be entirely up to the builders of projects to figure out what to do about that.

in the sense that they will most likely determine the direction the community takes I agree. But there are definitely ways around things like this. Just to give one, burning mloot for the new “fixed” mloot.

I don’t think this is an issue at all. There are projects in flight currently that are focused on allowing item unbundling, which will enable trading, selling, upgrading of items in the future. Bags can be thought of as a “character” slot that will be loadable with items moving forward.


sure, but what market are you going to have if everyone that has any of the “rare” items(I know it’s only statistical and commuinty derived rarity will matter more) has minted them day 1. Like it kinda feels like anyone with money to mint with bots and the list, will end up being the distributors of any of the rare item supply. Just because of how minting occured.

It’s day 1 of mloot, and hard to believe there will never be upgrades, so I think we are in time to make it as good as it can be still, without too much friction.

Totally agree. And I wonder how to check MLoot rarity?

have you found your rarity now
try this one
Love how my cards look

no upgrades? Do you know if the contracts have been changed…
Calling mloot…