Loot DAO voting is live on snapshot.org!

Voting is taking place live as we speak on Snapshot on the acceptance of AGLD as the official governance token for loot. Also, on whether there should be a royalty fee added to loot transactions to fund the ecosystem.

I feel most loot owners don’t know where to vote on proposals, or even that there are live proposals ending soon. So this is simply FYI so you know to participate!


Setting up a snapshot vote before proposals (I’m talking about the agld one) have been discussed is not ideal. There are a number of rich discussions going on wrt various proposals. I think we are generally reaching a closer consensus. Let’s wait a bit

I’ve been working on some analysis of Loot x AGLD cross ownership, and its changed massively in the last 24 hrs.

The % of Loot owners required to achieve a majority of AGLD has gone from 55% last night to <20% currently.

Loot != AGLD

I just want everyone to have this context for their votes when thinking about what is long-term beneficial for the lootiverse


Also >40%+ of AGLD holders own no loot.

So? The community is far more than the small percentage of people who hold expensive loot bags. We have synth loot, mloot, and many other forms coming every day that builders may include. They are all part of loot until builders collectively decide otherwise.

It’s safe to assume at this point that AGLD will be an important currency within the Lootverse. All Loot players will likely have some at some point through buying or play to earn. There is no good reason not to use it as a governance token for this reason, to allow a better spread of voters.

This is exactly the data we needed, which most of us knew anecdotally, but now is verified. Thank you.

This should not even be a vote.
Description of AGLD @ Loot
[Adventure Gold] — Loot DAO governance and gold token

AGLD has been trading on uniswap, ftx, huobi, okex, for around four days now with a lot of volume.

People that have dumped some or all of their AGLD will vote no. You can already see the 42 no vote with 0 AGLD. People that have bought AGLD would obviously vote yes if they could. Voting no would basically be scamming every person who bought AGLD as a way to get exposure into the loot metaverse.

Take a look at the number of Loot holders vs AGLD. 2.5k vs 4696. And that doesn’t include individual addresses on exchanges. The floor for Loot is currently 11.6 Eth. Should only people who can afford a $45k+ NFT have a voice here? AGLD already has momentum building. The exchange listings, the volume, the media attention, the copycats. You can’t get Loot on exchanges, but you can get AGLD. Do you want to crush that and make a new DAO? The trust would no longer be there. AGLD not working in the best interests for Loot would also be self destructive. We have multicoin cap and other whales on these projects. They can 10x this area for every party involved. If you can afford loot NFTs you can sure as hell can afford AGLD.

How many people know what bitcoin is? Ethereum? An NFT? Most people still think NFT are just pictures. How many people play games, read comics, consume fantasy related material? How many people know about Axie Infinity because of AXS?

Facebook, epic games and other corporations wish they could up with something like Loot for their own IP. The billionaires want to sell you their coke and sports cards NFTs. This project is the first of its kind that can enrich independent developers and creators. This project has an incredible amount of potential. Don’t screw this up. This vote seriosly makes no sense.

If anyone has an argument against AGLD, I’d love to hear it. Vote no to run a poop and scoop.

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