Loot ecology cannot attract fresh blood

I have been paying attention to the project for a long time, and I also bought some loot in the early stage. I also got the agld airdrop, thank you very much. I also paid attention to all derivatives projects. However, it is undeniable that the development of loot has stopped, although there are relatively more derivatives projects than in the early days. But what’s the use of this? The game should be played by as many people as possible, instead of repeating the same group of people all the time. Loot floor price will be lower if there is no false transaction. I think the early decision makers should bear a great responsibility. At present, some early builders have controlled the development trend of the community as they wish, but the community has not developed in a good direction. I have seriously thought that if some people in loot community didn’t want rights so much at first, and could cooperate well with agld, there would be a lot of people participating in the derivative projects now.

Indeed, we want a HUGE universe for many players. The derivatives you speak of ARE Loot, if that makes sense.

Check out Realms for a better idea of where I personally am coming from in regards to this take. The 8000 realms were not given to the 8000 Loot Bag owners.