Loot in 25th Century, here is Loot (for SpaceCowboys)

There was Loot (for Adventurers), Loot (for Cyberpunks) and now we traveled into 25th Century. Welcome to Loot (for SpaceCowboys) the 2nd alternate univsere in Loot Metaverse.

Strictly following the original Loot, space cowboy loot can be claimed for free, go get it!

We’ll have claim functionality soon on → https://space-loot.com/
Till then you can use the contract on polygonscan.


Theres more to it! What does a real spacecowboy need the most? Yes! Its SpaceShips!

Every owner of space loot can claim a ship! If you’re not an owner you can claim ships 8000-10000 for free, go grab your ship fast!



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Website finally live → https://www.space-loot.com/