Loot Layers - Tooling for creating Layer Packs to visualize Loot Bags

Loot Layers was inspired by a conversation in Discord.

This is the tooling & patterns used to create https://www.lootcharacter.com. The goal is to allow artists to quickly build Layer Packs for visualizing Loot Bags. Given a standard Layer Pack directory structure (e.g., here), an artist can modify the layers they care about and everything should just work. The template directory structure contains empty pngs, anything untouched won’t affect the outcome.



This tool is really amazing! I’m planning on trying to do my own resource pack soon.

Minor thing but I think the link to Loot Character in your post is broken. :slight_smile:

This is cool! I just made mine my twitter avatar.

I hope we see this same thing expanded to the popular derivatives, as much as possible at least. Companions/Familiars, Mounts, Weapons, Foes, all would be good targets for this.

Synthetic Loot Viewer points to an IPFS folder so theoretically you could load in any resource pack with the same folder structure. Will look into exposing that somewhere in the app so you can load in your own.

This has me thinking about a universal preference that you could set on chain so that apps can just load in your preferred resource pack (maybe L2 comes in here?)