Loot Swag - A UGC Loot Visualizer

Loot Swag is a homepage for community to customize their loot avatars through skins. It has below key features:

  1. visualizer - Loot Swag will help visualize loot into 8 default skins. It also generates an avatar of a character wearing the skins.

  2. Customize - Loot Swag will continuously introduce more skins to community. People can try the skins on with different combinations, without changing underlying loot bags. (If there are 2 sets of skins, the total possible combination is 2^8)

  3. Open-up to more artists / designers - Loot Swag will give out a standard for more artist to onboard/ upload their skin designs. These skins can be traded as NFTs.

  4. Access - Loot Swag will be applicable to all Loot/ Mloot / Synthetic Loot owners - everyone with a unique ETH address in theory can have their own avatar. For users who have multiple loot/ mloot, they can choose which bag to be shown.

  5. Free - It will be completely free to use.

  6. Derivatives - Other projects can built upon these avatars. The application could also lead to game designs but not limited to games. One idea is to bring in social elements such as build an Instagram / fashion display with these loot skins on.

A team coming out of loot community/ loot hackathon has been working on this for weeks. The first version will be coming out very soon. Happy to hear any feedback.


This looks awesome! When can we try it?

First version with a default set of skin will be out within a week. We will introduce second set of skins for people to try on around mid Oct. Hopefully we can introduce upload function by end of Oct.

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i love this, can’t wait to see it live!

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Amazing, would love to try it.

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