Lootland for this builder


The home of builders of lootverse.


  • builders are invited-only
  • each builder can mint at most two piece of land
  • the minted lands can only be used for invitation
  • only one person can be invited to each piece of land
  • each person can only accept an invitation once!

The neighbors

The lootland establishes invitation and neighbor relationships.
Getting an invitation is an honor and the value of the land is determined by the neighbors, so please invite with care!


It is a land space with (x,y) as coordinates. The positive x-axis is east and negative is west, the positive y-axis is north and negative is south, the values of x and y can only be integers, there is no range limit, each coordinate position represents an area of 100 x 100 square meters.

What can be done in the lootland?

Feel free to use lootland in you want

Interesting point:

Click here(refresh) to see the changes in your neighborhood at any time

contract:LootLand | 0xb909f6e54b161a80972bcbafd3832e5109e1fe1e

How to mint?

You have two ways to mint

  1. Single step way
    Buy the land and give it to the specified address
  2. Two-step way
  • step1:Buy the land first so that it will not be possessed by others
    *step2:After determining the address, give it away at

Hoping to get an invitation, you can enter:


How can I get invited?

Now it seems that @dom and @timshel can invite

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awesome! Do I find information more in Discord server?

Please excuse the focus on promoting PEOPLELAND these days


you can also play this