Lootpunk Update: Website, Sandbox, and Mint Pass!

We want to be your mascot, your sideline cheerleaders, your mom and dad who put their heart into supporting you. We, Lootpunk, want to make people have a reason to buy and hold Loot to support the entire Lootverse community, simultaneously spreading awareness for Loot. Our first step in our Phase 1 was to create our 8000 Lootpunks and make them available for minting by December. Lootpunks are meant to be your flashy PFP to show off your expensive and sexy investment, Loot!

We believe Lootpunks will also bridge the community with the non-community members by showing how great it is to be a part of this community and that we are unified with our investments looking hotter than your ex’s significant other. To make this happen, we wanted to utilize our Sandbox land investments. We weren’t really sure how to utilize these… Sandbox characters would have been an amazing NFT project, but we don’t have the resources to make that happen… yet?

We’ve decided on creating a Shrine in Sandbox. Yes, a Shrine! We believe that there is nothing sexier than a Loot holder. CryptoPunks? BAYC? Doodles? Hell no, Loot is by far sexier than any NFT project out there not only because it’s filled with so many loving supporters and community members, but also because we are all building together for a greater future goal! Everyone putting their differences aside to build something greater than them is something that will go down in history for our kids and our kids’ kids and so on to admire and pay respect to glorious success.


To unify our sexy Loot holders and to spread awareness for Loot, we will be creating a Lootpunk Shrine. Dedicated to all our Loot holders. We thank you to all of those who have supported and already claimed a Lootpunk, but now we wish to provide you a reason to support us and claim that sexy Lootpunk that is out there just waiting for your arrival.

We have updated our website, lootpunk.org. Lootpunk owners can now go to our website, connect their wallet, and tailor their descriptions however they wish. For now, we’ve been using the default descriptions uploaded on our Hall of Lootpunk. These descriptions will also be showcased in the Lootpunk Shrine that will be built in Sandbox. Those that wish to update their description can head on over to our website now!

Teaser: Expect a very fun project to be added to Lootpunk! Hint… something to do with mint passes.


como se reclama el loot punk

sorry, we don’t speak Spanish. But, if you’re asking how to claim a Lootpunk then you need to purchase an OG Loot Bag first. OG means Original.

You can find them here :arrow_right:https://opensea.io/collection/lootproject

Very good project, I believe more and more people will like it.

Thank you! Lootpunk will just become the beginning to a series of very fun projects

The most important thing is to play the role of agld and create an economic closed loop to attract more people to join the Loot project

How using AGLD can bring more people to Loot project ? It is really hard to find the way to apply agld in the project :pensive:

Yes,it is really hard :pensive:

Loot need a game or other entertainment project to activate and unite the whole community immediately

This is a problem I mentioned in last post lol, it is decentralized project, you should not wait others to do for you, you need to do by yourself

Besides, Loot can not have a game or project that can unite the whole community since every developer is developing its own project (Derivatives). But we can have many games that link with Loot.

Solving this problem looks quite difficult due to its incentive system :pensive:.

thanks for your explanation

Sure, is there any idea to solve that problem ? I love to hear from you, Sunday1 !

I need know more about Loot first.If I have any ideas ,I will share in the forum.

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