LootTogether -- A simple game framework (Loot + Characters, CheezeWizards, and PoolTogether)

No loss lottery game based on Loot and Characters

The guiding principle is a relatively simple game that can be deployed with existing and past Ethereum developments of no-loss lottery (PoolTogether), Rock / Paper / Scissors type game (CheezeWizards) with Loot and Character NFTs to create a skill and luck based game where there are only winners.

I hope this sparks a discussion and hopefully could see people who want to join and try to implement this. There is already a discussion happening in the characters discord

Game mechanic

  • PoolTogether
    • Initially: Users stake USDC which is deposited to generate yield
    • Once aGLD could be used for yield we can use that too (Stani has indicated listing aGLD in AAVE)
  • Contract reads Loot NFTs + Character NFTs to Generate Stats, see example below.
  • Player chooses 10 actions for 10 turns of battle - Attack / Defend / Magic
    • If one of the Characters runs out of HP, they lose
    • At the end of the 10 actions, the Character with the lowest HP loses, in the case of a tie, an action is played again.
  • 64/128 single elimination game over 7 days

Battle Mechanic:

  • Rock Paper Scissors Mechanic: Defend > Attack, Attack > Magic, Magic > Defend
  • If a player successfully lands an action (e.g. he chose defend, opponent chose attack) he inflicts said damage to opponent
  • Dodge is a stat in which opponent is likey to miss an attack
  • Restoration is a stat which replenishes HP after taking damage

Winner that remains from the elimination game wins the yield generated.

Loot Value Character Value Stats Definition Normalize Final Stats
Club 4 Strength 8 Attack Damage inflicted on Attack Add 10 22
Studded Leather Armor 7 Dexterity 7 Defense Damage inflicted on Defend Add 10 24
Ancient Helm 9 Inteligence 10 Magic Damage inflicted on Magic power Add 10 29
Sash 6 Vitality 6 Health Total health Multiply by 3 42
Heavy boots of the twins 8 Luck 8 Dodge (miss chance) Chance to evade an attack Subtract 10 6
Holy gauntlets of the Fox 6 Faith 5 Resoration Healing after taking an attack Divide by 3 8
Amulet 4
Titanium ring 9

Very cool Idea Eylon!

It seems like a team is forming around this idea.
If there are any devs who want to contribute, feel free to join the discord in the #lootTogether chat

Love this idea - count me in