Lootverse x Gitcoin: let’s fund an Ecosystem Round and give out grants to advance the Lootverse

TLDR: I would like to propose that Loot’s RoyaltyDAO funds a 50ETH grant to go towards a “Lootverse Ecosystem Round” in the upcoming Gitcoin season which launches June 8th.

Loot’s RoyaltyDAO = the on-chain treasury, which is governed through an on-chain voting process that was established in LIP-3. This treasury has 240eth from royalties in it.

This 50eth would be distributed through quadratic funding, and go towards things like:

  1. Lootverse public goods
  • Updates to the Website
  • The Quest Board
  • Loot.foundation
  • Loot Town Squares, community organizing, community tools, Discord UX
  • Social media
  • A new Lootverse-wide subgraph
  • A new and improved Loot stats contract
  • The Loot distillation contract and bridge to Starknet
  • etc, etc.
  1. Early stage projects and builders looking to make a commitment to build something in the Lootverse
  • The Rift XP system
  • The Tabletop
  • Portals & Passageways
  • Etc etc!
  1. Bringing the Lootverse to life with stories and multimedia
  • The Open Quill Foundation
  • Bibliopedia
  • Individual writers / creators / artists / musicians with ideas


I think that this Gitcoin-driven model is perfect for Loot, and could help unstick a bunch of things + kickstart a next phase for the Lootverse.

Before publishing this as a proposal to the Loot RoyaltyDAO, I want to bring this to y’all first and get feedback, pushback, or LFGs.

Next step: to move this to a Snapshot vote as a formality, and then set up an on-chain proposal on RoyaltyDAO and rally the Loot owners to vote so we can meet the RoyaltyDAO quorum (>160 bags).

  • Yes we should give a 50eth grant to advance the Lootverse
  • I have a significant change to the proposal
  • No we should not do this

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