LoreDao, a JokeDao Fork

I just randomly found a community called JokeDao, which works with the following mechanism:

  1. People submit their jokes
  2. People vote on a joke
  3. A joke wins and the winner gets 20% of the NFT sale, voters get $JOKE tokens

This is fully open-sourced:

We could fork it to build a similar system for creating stories around the Loot universe and sell them as NFTs.

If any Solidity dev wants to work on this, here is a Frontend Dev happy to contribute to it!

hi @asier! this is david, one of the cocreators of jokedao–was absolutely thrilled to see this. you can absolutely fork the code if you need, but you probably don’t need to! we’ve opened the platform for any project to use, and best way to proceed would be:

  1. mint a voting token on jokedao.io on polygon or an L2 (costs about $0.10)
  2. airdrop it to anyone who meets your requirements for voting (costs about $2.00, can use coinvise or disperse, max of 350 addresses or so per transaction)
  3. set up a contest at jokedao.io: you’ll set up a proposal period for anyone to submit entries, and then the voting period will start as soon as the proposal period ends, for token-holders to vote. you can limit proposals to token-holders or let anyone submit.

we’re also eager to build this out according to the needs of communities, so feedback is very welcome since this is really an MVP right now since we haven’t gotten the money to bring on a frontend person yet.

i’m at david at cowfund dot co if i can help more at all!