Mapping NPCs to Smart Contract Front Ends

as we continue to research the best possible UX / UI for Smart Contract front end the community is faced with a choice…

do we either

continue subjecting users to 2d panels of webapps / dapps


do we evolve our front ends into Anthropomorphic NPCs?

The answer, when you understand the relationship humans will have with the meta/hyperverse, is simple.

The 'bank teller" the “librarian” the “” can and will soon be a smart contract mapped to a holographic being to interact with.

“AI” is just a string of statements and decision trees
well, so are smart contracts
and when mapped to NPCs you start to have a real meta/hyperverse form.

NPCLoot from the NPC Guild is a public good to issue these NPCs from a growing list of items, attributes, and skills hashed on chain as text and rendered visually by those that wish to leverage this pattern.

If you are interested in contributing to the future of NPCs, Commoners, and lease check out and follow the pin to grab our gasless and free POAP to join us and auth at

Best of Luck Adventurer