mLoot on OS - Can we add properies?

Many people are looking to buy items on OS now that many are minted but it’s extremely hard to search for say 1/4 rarity items or specific items within mLoot. Can this be added to OS ? Who would be the one to do this?


@dom can we help you with this or is there someone else who could do this? Seems like you have so much on your shoulders and the mLoot community is really growing in the discord.


I spent last night working on crunching the numbers for this, actually, and I’m currently looking to put something together, but it’s gonna mostly be a spare time project for me unless there is a lot of current interest.

Edit: This wouldn’t be something added to OS, but rather a separate app or site that just ties into the OS API for part of its functionality.

Are you active in the discord for mloot? There already is an app for rarity and links to OS but it would be great to connect with whoever can add properties in OS to really give our community a huge boost to a wider audience and finding and buying directly on OS what items we are looking for.

Edit: Here is the app that is constantly being updated.
You can search for rarity of items and specific items. It also shows you random bags or specific bag contents. It also links to opensea.

Is there a way to add properties to OS?

I was thinking we need a way to search items by properties and rarity to get a better understanding on pricing, etc.

Am active in the Discord (same handle). Can help work on a site/tool, am fluent in JavaScript/TypeScript.


Same here! im the one who used Apple products. (ios)

IMO, anyone who related with project on web rarity check “admiring-lumiere”

please add it to be available using in IPONE, IOS. Now it doesnt work on these platform, and many users cannot make decision which bag# should be minted.

More than that a few days ago it can use it but now didnt work on below website, idk why.

If you see new mint rate quite down when compared with previous, please kindly consider my msg.:pray:t3:

Ref link: Loot Rarity


I’m working on a solution to this, rolling it out as a macOS app while I work out the bugs, but should be something that will work on iOS as well. Will post some screenshots once I get the UI set up.


Work-in-progress. Have a lot more functionality planned out, just need to hammer out some implementation bugs for the initial UI. Feedback appreciated!


Wow this is pretty great. I do hope that properties are added to OpenSea for mLoot so they can be searched for there as well. Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 1.48.49 PM


I’d like to updat what i have received msg from their team. And i dunno what actually process is.

imo, Dom cannot do anything from this point coz contract is immutable as he mentioned above, and i tried open-ticket to Opensea via ticket #76005 (in Opensea support) but they still take no action.

Then, i think if the project no need for it, we’re quite fine if it’s going to be left these properties in order to community will lead it in various way.

ps: This photo was DM that i received from Matt (Community Manager from Opensea). He suggested about this point above. Hence i have shared/ updated and FYI guys, if you need.