[mLoot] Properties on Opensea & Rarity Tools

Hello everyone,

Firstly, refer to my last post, i’d like to thank you the guy (named ‘Agusx1211’) who has done ‘Mloot.art’, He dedicates his time, skipped his gym time for us as well. he did it very good job to facilitate our community.

For another request to develop and facilitate more collectors is to create/add some tools to find properties to match with anyone needs.

I hope someone who has ability on this, could you please help us adding as followings;

  1. Properties for mLoot project into Opensea (see attached photo)Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 1.48.49 PM

  2. Propose & add our mLoot project into http://rarity.tools/

Hopefully this’s able to help us so much more to see items we browse/love.




Unfortunately, there’s no way for this to be added by the contract owner. Both the Loot and More Loot contracts omit properties and both are immutable contracts. The properties on OpenSea for the Loot contract were added by OpenSea directly some time after the experiment launched. The best option would likely be to reach out to them.


Appreciate it for your reply and clarification.

I hope Opensea will not give up on many of mLoot.
I’m gonna try to communicate this matter to them.

And Dom @dom , one more question about ‘Verified mark’
Would it be automately added by Opensea when we reached out Trading volume, am i right ?

Thank you! We didn’t know it was out of your hands!


@dom @TriggityTron

Sorry for disturbing you guys again, i’d like to update what i have received msg from their team. And i dunno what actually process is.

imo, Dom cannot do anything from this point since contract is immutable as he mentioned above, and i tried open-ticket to Opensea via ticket #76005 (in Opensea support) but they still take no action.

Then, i think if the project no need for it, we’re quite fine if it’s going to be left these properties in order to community will lead it in various way.

ps: This photo was DM that i received from Matt (Community Manager from Opensea). He suggested about this point above. Hence i have shared/ updated and FYI guys, if you need.