(mLoot) We need website for rarity check for iOS / iPhone / etc users

This’s important to create NETWORK EFFECT !!

Anyone who related with project on web rarity check “admiring-lumiere”

Imo, Could u please add it to be available using in iPhone/Apple products— iOS platform.

Once it can use a few days ago. But now it doesnt work on these platform, and many users cannot make decision which BAG# should be minted.

I remembered that few days ago it can use it but now didnt work on below website, idk why ?!?

Negative impact : If you guys see new minting rate, it’s quite slow down when compared with previous day, and new users cant make their own decision.

please kindly consider my msg to bring ‘Search rare’ back and add some properties search for iOS would be geeat.:pray:t3:

Hopefully, we’re going to see power of communities, drove this AWESOME loot/mLoot project to be historic’s project.

Ref link: Loot Rarity

I believe @Agusx1211 was workin on this on his spare time. He could probably use more help making it robust.

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