Monster Slaying (for Loot)

Greetings Adventurers!

I’d like to briefly introduce Monsters (for Adventurers)!

Monsters are 10,000 unique forgotten beasts generated and stored on chain. Each has a randomized set of traits which includes color, race, hazards, weaknesses, and more.

Monsters are free to claim for Loot holders.

Monsters sets itself apart with a new mechanic for Loot owners: Monster Slaying. There are a total of 18 weapon types in Loot. Monsters can only be slain with Loot of a specific weapon type.

At its core, Monsters (for Adventurers) is an interactive story-building NFT game for the Loot community. Your interactions and the relationships between Monsters and Loot tells a story: Will your Loot be famous across the realms? Or will it be mere decoration, devoid of adventure and battle? What stories will your Loot tell?

Monster slayers gets exclusive naming rights for the slain monster. Did you slay a run-of-the-mill griffin or ‘Emperor Frostfeather III O.B.E’? Here’s a chance to exercise your creative muscle!

Once a monster is slain, the slaying weapon is displayed on the Monster card. Both the slayer and the slaying weapon are recorded on-chain, forever. Earn fame for your Loot by vanquishing many Monsters!

We’re very excited to be part of this shared universe. Happy to answer any questions!

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To learn more about the project, be sure to check out the website. We are also on Discord and Twitter.