More Adventure Gold (with built in Governance)

I have deployed a new Adventure Gold contract for mLoot.

You can claim (For free) here:

There is no pre-mine, no unfair distribution.

This contract differs from the original Adventure Gold:

  1. Contract has governance features built-in using OpenZeppelin ERC20Votes.
  • Anyone can use mAdventureGold to add governance to any game they might build.
  1. Governance is already enabled. No multi-sig needed to be trusted like AdventureGold
  1. Supports Flash Loans
  • Build incredible DeFi Primitives directly inside your game
  1. Snapshots

  2. Tally Support

  • Natively support by Tally for easy community management

Governance Details:

  • Quorum for Passing Proposals: 5%
  • Proposal Threshold: 200,000 Votes

This contract is not audited. Use at your own risk. There is no warranty implied or expressed. Totally at your own risk and peril.

This is jumping the gun and should have been put through the governance process first. Concerns around forks before there is consensus is exactly why I kept the code open source but proprietary to let this take its time.
What happens when we have multiple mLoot $AGLD forks as well as dozens of other tokens? The only thing that will happen is that a lot of people will lose out on gas and people will complain about getting rugged when the community actually makes a decision.

For everyone else: I would recommend not minting this until the governance process completes. No one knows what will happen and this token may be completely unused.


Yep, definitely premature. This is simply creating an xLoot, yLoot, catLoot derivative problem for AGLD.

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The token can be minted anytime, so no rush. I really liked your AGLD but it doesn’t have governance, and doesn’t have any way for folks to BUILD governance on top of it. I like your design, but there is just a MultiSig of you and some other folks.

What I wanted was a governance anyone can build on, so anyone can get the votes of anyone and build governance into their project. That’s not possible today with AGLD.

Also, I don’t own this contract- it’s owned by the folks who mint.

before dom creat mloot there was no governance process .

All of this is premature. We’re already transitioning the multi-sig to the community, which you should know about given that we made sure to have involvement from people at your own company. You should have given us a few days to actually finish what we’ve started rather than making the governance process 10X harder. I don’t want people to have tons of wasted gas, but that is exactly what will result.


I love dhof’s newest move and I firmly believe that every new hero (mLoot) should get the same fighting chance in the ecosystem as the original Loot holders, that is: a 10k drop AGLD to everyone (and all the other derivatives as well).

Yes, this would be a big blow to the guys who are buying AGLD at high prices, but we have to think long-term here; and I’m sorry to break it to you, but the speculators who want to turn the lootproject into a cryptopunk like collectible for the rich are the people we should NOT be considerate of.

The true potential of lootproject lies in becoming the first metaverse dapp for the masses: WOW on Ethereum. To achieve that, we have to prioritize accessibility and equality over everything else, even if it hurts our financial interest.

Disclosure: dilution would hurt me financially, too, but in this case, I don’t care.


I think competing currencies in the Loot ecosystem is fine. I suspect there will be a marketplace of DAOs, of tokens, and of derivatives.

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dennisonbertram,It is your behavior that may cause the loot community to lose governance. AGLD has been widely accepted as the Loot community governance token, and investors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in support. People who disrespect early community participants will definitely not be accepted by the community!

A simple “re-drop” of 10k to all mLoot wallets is too high IMO - as much as we don’t want to talk about it, there are financial implications with diluting the supply so quickly after launch. We have to keep this in mind moving forward.

I do feel that some sort of small drop to all mLoot holders (and potentially including Loot holders as well) will help to squash the us vs. them rhetoric that has popped up as a result of all of this. This would be a step toward incentivizing mLoot holders to become a part of the existing community and also align us to a track where some future inflationary measures can be introduced.


The author’s intentions here are clearly driven by a wish to cause chaos and not benefit the community. Poor taste.

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Hey folks,

I want to defuse this a bit, didn’t realize I would step on toes this much. I launched this for mLoot because:

  1. I thought it was cool and wanted to be the first to launch an airdrop for mLoot because of course everyone will do it and it will be pandemonium so wanted to be first. @dhof said this was free for all of us to build on, so I wanted to build on it too and love launching smart contract projects.

  2. This governance system is better for the things I work on. I was thinking a “Time Wars” as a Loot + Dope Wars crossover, making Governance enabled “in-game currency” contract goes a long way to support that.

  3. I wanted flash minting and gasless permit transfers. Free transfers for users makes a big difference.

  4. Flash Minting: This I think is so freaking cool. I’d love to have in-game DeFi and flash minting makes all of defi possible in an in-game setting. Again, a feature I wanted to have.


I get nothing out of mAdventureGold beyond whatever i can claim holding mLoot. So I would get folks being upset if I showed up and held back some secret stash to dump on folks, but i didn’t. I’m just another developer deploying stuff I think is cool.

Anyway, I see that the governance question in Loot is a huge topic right now and I’ve stumbled onto that thinking I had a better way. The contracts are deployed, that was my goal, if I build TimeWars I can always use it.

As for any team members at my company that work on Loot or AGLD, they do that totally on their free time in their personal capacity just as I am deploying these projects in my free time in my own personal capacity.

Anyway- from one builder to another, hope that calms the waves. Was just here to build cool stuff, not harm folks.


What the heck are you talking about? I don’t see any harm in this. Everything is community driven. What gets adopted is up to the community, not what a couple of people say.

This is exactly right. If anybody doesn’t like it, don’t pay the gas to mint it. Don’t use it. If you do accept it, use it. This is how marketplaces work… competing currencies, competing DAOs, competing derivatives. This is normal, this is fine. People who are triggered are likely just talking their bag.

He literally tweeted his intentions

Too many AGLDs can cause the market to become chaotic. Aglds should be limited and there should be no MAGLDs. The community should promote the use of LOOT mLOOT. Because there will be more LOOT, Aloot, Bloot…

You are part of the premature actions Will … image

For clarification, the chaos comment was my observation of the mLoot drop. It looked like a mosh pit at a concert on chain, so nothing to do but jump in.

I will wait for governance process ! No need to hurry !
Loot has made its mark in NFT space and build great community , which I am loving


DONT CHANGE AGLD, let others choose to acquire/incorporate/AMMswap it as they see fit!

WILL Please Look at my two other posts:
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2)Proposal: Leave AGLD Alone - Create Layer2 Ronin-like SideChain with AMM :wink: