MUDVERSE Player (For Adventurers)

Discussion thread for Player Loot Derivative.

  • 1-7777 was open for minting
  • 0% OpenSea Fee.
  • Player Name can be customized by users
  • 233 Reserved for the team

Fair Play

The Player (for Adventurers) have 9 different races. They have the same probability to be minted.

Basic Attribute

Each Player NFT have the same range for basic attribute, from 1-30.
The precent of probability for basic attribute that Player random generated:
When they get their basic attribute, then we use Race Modifier to plus race specific attributes.

Race Modifier

Each race have their own attribution tendency:

HUMAN + + + + + + **
ELF ++ ++ ++ + **
DWARF +++ +++ + **
ORC +++ ++ **
TROLL + ++++ **
GNOME + ++ + + + **
DEMON +++ ++ ++ ++ + + ***
DRAGONBORN ++ + +++ ++ + + ***


MUDVERSE is inspired by Loot, MUD and DND cultures.
It is randomized adventurer gear generated and stored on chain, to build metaverse infrastructure for UGC ecosystem, including all metaverse ideology, such as Player (launched) integrated with Loot (Skill, Ability, NPC.etc) Feel free to use MUDVERSE in any way you want.

Official Website:

:moneybag:How to mint your “MUDVERSE Player” on official website :moneybag:

Step #1 : Click “Connect wallet” with Metamask
Step #2 : Click the “Claim” button
Step #3 : Pay the GasFee
Step #4 : Player minted with the random name

Original Contract:

:moneybag:How to mint your “MUDVERSE Player” with customized name on Etherscan :moneybag:

Step #1 : Click Connect to Web3 and Select Metamask
Step #2 : Go to claim
Step #3 : Input any customized name you want
Step #4 : Click Write

Updates will come to this thread as well as the twitter, discord and medium

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Do you have any token airdrop plan?

The tokennomics has been considered. But now we focus on the use case of player with community loot projects. We have been developing and any information will be updated here.

sounds interesting. Let’s mint MUD one :alien:

someone mint a Demon :+1: