New DAO Structure

It makes more sense to have a DAO, perhaps a combination of AGLD holders and LOOT holders, that decides on direction of the project. It’s still decentralized, and it would make it more organized and drive useful development.

Something like this could be cool:

  • AGLD or LOOT holders can propose.
  • If AGLD accepts a proposal, LOOT holders can veto.
  • If LOOT holders veto, proposal dies.
  • If LOOT holders accept, proposal is implemented.

Something along those lines.

We can start by whitelisting legitimate derivatives and creating channels for them, building off a base of layers that way. There has to be some sort of plan, or at least a foundation we can continue to build off. For example:

Ability Scores



I would not be opposed to this idea, how much support from the community would this require?

That seems reasonable

The DAO structure could use voting to
canonize/legitimize derivatives. The DAO could also raise money for development by “taxing” derivative projects. Royalties, basically.

I do not think it’s a good idea to give AGLD voting power in this DAO, though. Long term, the distribution of AGLD will diverge from the distribution of Loot. AGLD will likely be more plutocratic. We’ve already seen small holders dump their AGLD to whales.

Better to instead do one-NFT-one-vote


One NFT one vote doesn’t work either. There are too many Loot whales and they can easily decide the direction of the project. We need a more fair weighted voting system. Some algorithm that makes massive whales have less votes (but still more proportionally) and give smaller plebs a larger say (but still less proportionally).

As far as the AGLD discussion, I think it absolutely makes sense to have the two groups merge into one DAO. It creates a bigger community (rather than two fractionalized projects and DAOs) and it still gives Loot holders final veto authority. AGLD is an important aspect of Loot because it makes the ecosystem and governance more accessible to the people priced out of Loot. At the same time, AGLD whales, like exchanges and Su Zhu and SBF Alameda, can’t singlehandedly decide a vote since Loot holders can always veto.

There are checks and balances on whale power within either faction via the weighted voting and veto power.

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I suggest that we stop putting the priority on ALGD and not the NFTs. instead of creating more coin ponzis (which we have hundreds already) let’s make ALGD an easily accessible coin for gaming such as Axie SLP and focus the utility of the coin as currency around the metaverse being built. In an economy a coin that is scarce is not used. To grow and move an economy you need usage incentives, that is why governments basically always keep printing money to keep the engine of society active. NFTs are exactly representation of scarcity and coins are the total opposite we as gamers know this.

The question is what’s the vision of this project ? More users and usage? Or making rich early adopters? Do we believe this will last by focusing on making rich early adopters, creating scarcity games only ? Or early adopters create wealth with more users?


Hello @felixrosenstein and welcome,

There’s an open discussion on a potentiel (or not) DAO here

Please join it and feel free to give as much details as you can on your vision & opinions.

I’ll close this post today, but i’d love to see you there!