Pirate theme game Adventure Gold Loot

I have a good theme for a game for Loot Adventure Gold. When I first heard of this project and the name given the first thing that popped into my mind when I heard Adventure Gold was a metaverse theme game something like Grand theft auto but with pirates, a treasure map looking for gold, fighting off other pirates stealing their treasure, sailing on a pirate ship from 1 Island to another island fighting off sea monsters. ADVENTURE Gold and loot just seem like a pirate theme to me.

I really like this idea.
Are you a dev Spooner?

No I’m.not a developer, it was just a theme that I came up with. Considering this is a bottom ups project, I thought I can provide some input. Thus however will ve hard to achieve considering there are no developers, hence therefore I sold all my AGLD, convince me otherwise I ll come back but i got out, now I’m not impressed with any of this