WHEREAS: We need to be unified to see this ecosystem prevail,
WHEREAS: Inflation is necessary for a successful in-game currency,
AFTER much deliberation among people with differing opinions:

WE PROPOSE the following:

THERE WILL be annual inflation at a fixed and pre-determined rate.
DROPS WILL be to ALL Loot and mLoot holders and on a per-bag basis:
DROPS WILL be at the rate of some number of AGLD per Loot holder to 1 AGLD per mLoot holder.



Cool, so AGLD holders just get rugged?

If the proposal were to go on, inflation should be accrued to all of the ecosystem - AGLD, LOOT, mLOOT. Excluding AGLD is just rugging.

Hmmm, thought did not cross my mind. I assumed that the idea of the Bags was that is the starting point and drops came from/to there. If enough people want it, we can add AGLD-ers to the mix. Honestly, may be hard to get buy-in from mLooters if their drops are too much smaller than the OGs. Are there many who have lots of AGLD and not Loot that you are thinking of?

yes, lots bought on the secondary market. destroying their value would be like doing massive QE for a specific group of people. A really bad prescedent


Further issuance of loot should be given to game developers by a DAO who approves of their projects, and distributed by them to players of their games. No more airdrops. That’s my counter proposal in order to maintain inflation and keep an active user base.

Like the idea, but sounds centralized. Who decides who gets the grants?

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A DAO comprised of loot holders, and maybe AGLD holders.

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This could be a compelling option, I do think drops have to be proportional as the major economic benefit to holding OG loot is AGLD, if we dont provide slight differences then the mLOOT hodlers will have a huge APR advantage which is unfair as OG bags cost significant sums of money


Fully agree. If everyone cannot recognize this, then there really is no room for compromise.

Of course. It’s unfair no matter the amount.

It only makes sense to include the party effected the most.

Lots here talk about diluting AGLD 50+% without including AGLD holders & talk AGLD as SoV. How would that even work?

If any inflation, AGLD must be included & not diluted.

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I get it, and makes sense. It seems that the number of big AGLD holderns without Loot are few. This may be a necessary inequity in the ultimate solution. They could swap some AGLD for bags, for sure… (I know, not a good answer)

AGLD holding size doesnt matter. You’re saying with AGLD’s $300mn volume, that most holders hold LOOT too now?

Tons of new people got in AGLD, small or big, just 1-2 days ago & now were talking about diluting their holdings by 50%+ without including them?


LOOT and all-derivatives within should make sure AGLD is not tampered with!

AGLD is FREEDOM in the purest sense.
It should be left to flourish on its own.

BTC Proved Crypto could be Trusted
ETH Proved Crypto could have Function
LOOT is proving Decentralization/Freedom is a Force NOT to be reckoned with…
AGLD is the currency of that Force!

Buy screwing with AGLD you effectively debase the currency of the decentralization force that is LOOT.

Dont LOOT our progress by tampering with AGLD

I would amend so that on subsequent drops, 50% of AGLD goes to Loot holders and 50% to mLoot holders. That is equitable should solve the issue of bots minting all the mLoot for a fixed drop amount.

NO… Im Sorry You are WRONG thats not how to fuel adoption.

DONT CHANGE AGLD, let others choose to acquire/incorporate/AMMswap it!

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