Proposal: Burn mLoot for AGLD and start over

Because people were able view traits prior to minting mLoot - it is my opinion that this was a botched release. If this is the only way to release these, then I think a more fair distribution is to let everyone know there is a list beforehand… and therefore not one person has an advantage (to play devils advocate with myself - the price on these are fairly low, technically someone can come in and get a desirable trait NFT at a fairly cheap price)

Furthermore - (although Dom is probably on another brain wavelength than I and can probably foresee how this plays out in the future better than I can) the release of mLoot is such a big deal… due to the nature of this experiment, the community should not be expected to automatically acknowledge any release without consensus (no matter who put it out). While I think mLoot has good intent - did the community have an opportunity to review loot spawinng and how the ramifications of mLoot impacts this? / did we have any say to the rarity balance to any of the items? /

Since people did spend money on gas - I propose that we allow burning mLoot in exchange for $AGLD as a form of an inflationary mechanism. While moving very fast and breaking things is how amazing things get created… I advocate that we squash mLoot.

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Guys stop creating topics everywhere … If you create one, make it right and summary all of the propositions into one

you could have done the same for LOOT too, or any nft mints that are similar to this, just saying. I was also one of the guys who wrote a script to find +4s. They’ll still have the same advantage, filtering through cases that have 4-5 +1s and printing out a list of ones that havent been minted

Feel free to lmk the appropriate place to post & I can delete. I’m new to this type of message board

My main point is that although Dom planted the seeds to Loot, he can’t arbitrarily release more loot without consensus. This is in the community’s hand now… not one person, and I think that is important.

NO, DONT CHANGE AGLD, what happened already happened…

AGLD should be left alone to be acquired/incorporated/AMMswap as it currently stands!

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Please discuss in the main AGLD Consolidated thread. Locking.