Proposal: mLOOT (or any new project) inclusion and AGLD

Considering the 1st generation of NFTs and currency have been issued, there must be a mechanism to retain/accrue value for early adopters/backers. I believe system below can work.

  1. Creation of new currency for global system (e.g. ASLV or Adventure Silver as @WillPapper mentioned).
  2. All LOOT and mLOOT holders issued the new currency in equal share.
  3. Create 1-way conversion of AGLD to new currency and burn of AGLD upon conversion. The conversion rate is set to where if all AGLD is burned at the moment of burn, supply of new currency will double. This rate is dynamic - refreshed at the time of burn.

This mechanism solidifies AGLD as store of value inside LOOT ecosystem. It reduces risk of manipulation converting currencies inside ecosystem. It also incentivizes legacy LOOT holder & AGLD holders to exercise caution when participating in expanded universe of LOOT.

I believe this model can be applied if a new community emerges after mLOOT.


nope this will cause even more confusion - exchanges already listed AGLD


Agreed. So much added, unnecessary, chaos with this proposal. Nothing complicated is required imo


The secondary currencies don’t need to be listed if value accrual is entirely at AGLD level. There can be a secondary exchange at the LOOT level where you can cross Realms to play different games.

I think this might be kind of confusing, the utility and governance of $AGLD haven’t been built and issue another token?

or this is like tranches $AGLD into governance token and game token?

AGLD would be a hybrid governance and option to convert into game token. The new token is game only

I like one . And ,ASLV will airdrop to AGLD.

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Correction: the way I see it is governance of AGLD will be at the totality of the ecosystem and the new currency would govern that specific instance.

I agree with this proposal

I quite like this idea and the related idea outlined on @will’s tweet.

I could see a world where it makes complete sense. The question I have is, is now the right time to do it? There are no ‘serious’ or ‘less serious’ decisions to distinguish between yet for example.

I suggest not to affect the value of the original AGLD. New is new, old is old.

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I support the creation of ASLV and for it to be available only for mLoot bags. If OG loot holders want some ASLV, they can mint an mLoot bag.

AGLD was naturally fixed cap because loot was fixed cap. ASLV will be naturally inflationary because mLoot is inflationary (250k/annually)

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I think mLoot inclusion is important and also, in any games you have different types of currency.

Look in world of warcraft you have gold, silver and copper, which would make $ASLV useful for certain use cases that will come over time. And I pretty much agree with Nate, Loot holders can mint some mLoot if thet want to be airdroped some $ASLV, it’s free (minus gas fees).

Exchanges listed agld. What can we do ? We can use ASLV transfer (fee) +game in the . The same NEO- GAS . And who can make stake AGLD , we can give ASLV . Then AGLV to be gold system in the… Game in the we can give more job. Who can make can win ASLV .

There isn’t any need for in-game currency as there is no game yet, and I don’t think the Loot verse should ever generate a single game with a single economy. The point that made Loot interesting is that they are OPEN building blocks that people can assemble creatively. Thinking up multiple in-game token currencies for a game or games that are not designed is a mistake. Let people design games and create native tokens that actually support the design of those games with the Loot framework of primitives as a base layer.

IMO lots of folks in here understand tokenomics and very few understand game design and how much economy impacts the cycle of playing a game. You absolutely cannot design an economy before designing a game and end up with something fun.


The mLoot community is the entire world.

Let us build a governance model for those vested in the project via AGLD and Loot bags first.

AGLD should be seen as the most precious and rarest of currencies and transacted with subtending currencies via AMM only.

It is imperative to the purity of LOOT and all-derivatives that AGLD is not tampered with!

AGLD is FREEDOM in the purest sense.
It should be left to flourish on its own.

BTC Proved Crypto could be Trusted
ETH Proved Crypto could have Function
LOOT is proving Decentralization/Freedom is a Force NOT to be reckoned with…
AGLD is the currency basis of that Force!

Dont LOOT our progress by tampering with AGLD,

  • let it flourish and bring even more fire and attention to LOOT!
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Great proposal, worth the discussion, burning of AGLD for ASLV really solidifies the SOV narrative.

Hi Guys,

This topic looks to have a large overlap with another regarding AGLD. I am going to close this discussion for now and refer you to the other conversation linked below. If you have any issue with this feel free to message me directly on here or discord : Calcutator+1#1007.

Thanks all for your input and assistance to the community!

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