Proposal: no extra rewards for mloot

This proposal aims to argue that we should not provide additional rewards to mloot holder (ie more loot), including $AGLD and possible $ASLV.

The core points are as follows:

  1. The issuance mechanism is unfair.
    The distribution of mloot is not fair enough, which gives robots and scripts a huge advantage, and most of them have no intention of building a loot-based ecosystem, but only for profit. The robots have made profit through minting mloot, so there is no need to provide extra $AGLD, or even the so-called $ASLV.

  2. The rarity system fails
    Since Minter can judge the rarity of mloot based on the token ID, the rarity system has failed. A large number of unique equipments are manufactured, which is unreasonable. On the contrary, Loot’s rarity system is effective, so in fact it is difficult for other developers to create games based on mloot, and the mloot experiment has a high probability of failure. It is not worth it.

Therefore, we put forward this proposal and hope that $AGLD will not provide any additional incentives for mloot.

Hi Guys,

This topic looks to have a large overlap with another regarding AGLD. I am going to close this discussion for now and refer you to the other conversation linked below. If you have any issue with this feel free to message me directly on here or discord : Calcutator+1#1007.

Thanks all for your input and assistance to the community!