Proposal to build out the lootiverse and increase value of AGLD, LOOT and mLOOT

So my main reasons for not liking an airdrop for mLOOT holders (and also no further drops for LOOT holders) is that i dont think it is the most efficient use of funds. If it was possible to airdrop some small amount to everyone freely then it might be good, however there are massive costs to claiming small amounts of AGLD which would basically make burning eth to get AGLD and i think there will always be complaints about the process from new entrants, you will basically be in this situation where forever people are demanding more seasons and more AGLD, noone would ever want to hold a currency being so wantonly distributed at the demands of new entrants.

I propose an alternative where a treasury is created and new AGLD is minted to that, say 20m to bring total supply to 100m, this is invested in new projects that are building out the lootiverse and bringing value to Loot, mLoot and AGLD.

This would provide a significant amount of funding, not incur wasted ethereum transactions and build value for everyone. I strongly believe the AGLD minting should be controlled by AGLD holders in order for the currency to have any value, and i believe it would be in their best interests to issue more AGLD for this purpose. The treasury could be controlled by Loot holders or maybe have some way of incorporating mloot holders as well.

Cliff notes:

  • Funding is going to be an issue, so any issuance of AGLD should address this
  • Noone will want to hold AGLD if we keep minting it and dropping it to people.
  • AGLD governance to determine issuance, loot governance to determine use
  • I believe this benefits all parties and “grows the pie”
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AGLD should NOT be changed… let others choose to acquire/incorporate/AMMswap it!

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