Putting up an Outfitters engineering and enchantments shop/ Let's build a city!

I’ve built an outfitters shop, providing equipment handy in adventuring, kind of the opposite of the loot bags. These are curated, specifically designed pieces, that can be tailored to the adventurer. It’s run by a fictional crew of (not programming) engineers, designers, necromancers, alchemists, and craftsmen who produce the work, and all interface with potential clients are conducted from that angle. If there’s a Cabela’s, there’s got to be a college of magic, cities to visit, kings to overthrow, hotels to stay at, chariots to buy and rent, and good food to eat. Think a mashup of Harry Potter, the Discworld (Terry Pratchett), and Ghibli as the background support for the adventurers. I’m not a programmer, so my contribution is all art and storytelling, and the story I’d like to bring to life is one shop that’s hopefully in a “city” of other support functions. What can we do to make this mesh, creating the infrastructure of a cool place to be prior to fighting the dragons and fiends? https://opensea.io/collection/outfitters4loot

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