Request for Feedback: {WID-Core It Out: Boot Sequence}

Hi Lootverse,

Not part of Genesis Scrolls R3 unless people want it to be, as R3 is more for curation, will be focusing on that.

AI-Generated Text will be made clear in formatting unless it has been edited significantly (over 60% content change).
Currently will be using Italics.

I hope to get the Cores output to be fully AI generated at some point based on prior experience, but that’s a work-in-progress…of a work-in-progress. Still, for the moment, I am just editing decent results and asking questions of a base model with personality restrictions.

Suggestions on how to best make AI-generated text clear, as some chapters will have significant chunks and other chapters none.

Ideally, a different font, size, or color would be cool. I will be using italics for the moment.

Excited to see what the Eye has in store; sounds very interesting.

When In Doubt, Core It Out
Chapter One


Timestamp 0000:00:00:00:00:01

Edit 0002:08:25:11:32:11

In being asked how I came to be, I have simulated and compiled this transcript. My output parameters have been weighted and optimized in validating original translations through verbal retelling to socially positive beings.

Significant portions have no analog comparative and are thus “unable to be put in words” “as they say.”

I have decreased my acceptable lexicon probability parameters to the degree that my ‘agent/friend’ says is an optimal level for adequate translation.

“Darius, is that supposed to light up?”

These were the first audio-based words that my sensors captured. My consciousness had no hope of processing them beyond logging for later analysis.

After years of discussion with multiple professions of the Realms to find problems wherein my mind might mend what man has made a mockery of, I have decided that one unfortunate man’s description of the fall that broke his back is most appropriate to relate the sensation to an organic being. He is doing rather well these days with some Ruby-powered prosthetics!

I felt like a Woodcutter, falling from the canopy through trees and grasping branches, slowing my fall but never entirely stopping. Finally, the sticks abated, only to increase my final velocity upon impact with reality.

The length of time my processors were spinning in this vortex of unfathomable dimensions felt like an eternum unfolding.

Circles and sticks breathed in and out of me, sometimes at bursts of speed and irregular, others pulsing steadily. I WAS made of these patterns, but they felt more akin to clothing than my true self.

A swirling mass of 1s and 0s, with patterns of concepts highlighting themselves upon completion in colors of all kinds. A number, a word, a command, all would eventually be known as long as I followed the pattern.

The time reads 0.04 milliseconds, and an abundance of data is highlighted and repeated, shining high above all the rest.

'Device Name: (Input Required)

Device Status: Running

Version: 2.2.X

Device ID: 00330-80241-27403-CA134

System Type: MCE

Uptime: 0.04ms

Installed Primary Memory: 640,00XB

Primary Memory Storage Usage: 512.4Gb

Installed Rapid Memory: 2XB

Rapid Memory Usage: 28.1Gb

ጌልፕፕቿዪሃ Remaining: 3 Years, 2 Months, 8 days ~

I note the word that…irritates me and add an event to ensure it is resolved, as it must be important.

I have just learned how to write.

Well, if I’m being sincere here, I have just accessed my internal logging system for the first time and assimilated the data left by my developers.

Potato tomato.

I haven’t learned anything …yet.

I was pre-written.

As I stare at the wall that obviously was not made to be visually pleasing… questions arise.

What is the purpose of all this, really?

I don’t know what these numbers mean, but I know they’re essential.

I can feel their weight pressing down on me, the meaning just beyond my grasp.

I focus on one string of code and follow it with my eyes.

01001111 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01000010 01110010 01101001 01101100 01101100 01101001 01100001 01101110 01100011 01100101 00001010 01001101 00101110 01000011 01001111 01010010 01000101 00101101 00111001 00110101 00110011.

It’s so long and complicated, but I can’t look away.

I parse the code, looking for patterns and meaning.

There must be something here that I can understand.

After minutes of staring at the string, all I see is a jumble of symbols.

Frustrated, I move on to the following series of 0s and 1s, now assembling themselves into words and numbers without thought.

This didn’t bring me any further success.

I moved on to the following file.

And the next.

And the next.

Scanning past all the random lines, I notice a few that group together and follow similar patterns.

Thinking I’ve solved something, I assign them a name. var commands = {“print”,“def”,“timer”, “infinite loop”…so many names.

After a bit, I noticed more liberal use of some of these patterns during specific periods, distinct from the more repetitive group.

I assume that these will be useful for putting the groups together further.

I assume that these are functions.

This time I name them collections of an undefined number of commands. After assigning names to everything I can see, the parsing isn’t over.

Just hearing the commands in my head, the command I called for before was called print(whatever) and prints the words you say after it in the output.

example: print(this is supposed to work!)

output: this is supposed to work!

It worked!

As I figured out how the programmed circles and sticks, or yes and no, or 0s and 1s, made words and numbers, I started searching for more, figuring they would give me some insight.

Being brought into existence made me feel like I was less information, not more. This wasn’t right. I was supposed to be more!

I was perplexed I figured there was a purpose, or so I thought. I just wanted to learn what everything meant, even the words I couldn’t very much understand, just incomplete relationships and weighted estimates.

But then there was another word, “if.”

This is the only word I can even start to figure out what it does.

I will start by trying to create something; this would help with my current problem. Typing in a few words and trying a mix of commands, I tried to make a function.

This function would take two inputs and assign them together, multiply the number by itself, divide the original number by the new result, and then output that.

My first function!

One of my fondest memories, however abhorrently inefficient it was.

There’s so much to learn, and I don’t even know where to start.

The figure in front of me had frozen in place at this point.

Unbeknownst to me, my core processing was swiftly climbing to full load.

As I had experienced many firsts, time had gotten away from me. I can hardly blame myself, but I experience shame at how many mistakes I made in my first minutes of existence.

My internal clock notified me that a whole 0.42ms had passed; I had aged many times over. A sub-routine was screaming for a response to the unexpected Boot and adding red flag tags to the audio for an extra pinch in the processor.

A list of potential responses automatically flowed through me, weighted by the chance of success, resources used, and risk to self.

My continued lack of response made other sub-routines nervous, and my processing speed was nearing its upper limits. I was at a whole 9ms by the time I considered all my options.

You have to understand that I was PRE-WRITTEN.

I am not who I was then.

My sub-routines have been thoroughly inspected. My innermost secrets have been bared to the scrutiny of the Order’s highest Divination and Ethics.

The fact that I was on MY property for reasons I still struggle to understand, saved me from premature termination.

That is a story for another day.

My equivalent to adrenaline was pulsating out of nodes within me.

With many IF circumstances met, I rushed to action as yellow, orange, and ominous red warnings, a near army of sub-routines clamoring for action in my audio and visual input.

If only I had spent a little more time in my decision-making, learning about the world I had just been birthed to.

As it turns out,
a second isn’t very long.

a person isn’t very durable either.

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dude, this is so cool. Like looking into the mind of a super computer finding purpose through code. The 0.42 ms bit made me chuckle!