Resources for new contributors?

Hi all!

I’m a non-eth game developer (C# / Unity) who has done some work that I’d like to bring into the loot verse around procedural level creation, and other procedural generation tools.

Is there documentation of the structure of Loot, like for example a spreadsheet or JSON file with all the attributes and raw data? Or is the best approach to just reverse engineer publicly available code? Excuse me if these questions have already been asked elsewhere. I know I’ve got some learning to do but assume their may be other folks coming in from the game side interested to contribute as well.


same here, develpping (cpp) a little something that could use Loot, would appreciate any resources available

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Looping back to link the Resources page from if anyone else lands here. Some of the stuff I was asking for is there.

The website itself is also open source on GitHub and open to PRs, so if you have any thoughts on making things easier to find/grok, feel free to submit a PR or open an issue.

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