Ruins (For Adventurers) - procedural level generator / map data API?

hey all, really enjoying the discussion around this project. I’d like to jump into the map making here with some of my own procedural maps. I am a game developer, not a solidity programmer and what I’d like to figure out is how to create some kind of open map API data format together with the community, so that we can generate map data off-chain and then mint it as NFTs together with images.

Is this an approach that folks would consider to be in the spirit of the project? My assumption is that as long as the data is available and interoperable for folks to build on top of in an open way it’s helpful, right?

My thinking would be to generate the data using my tool of choice (Unity game engine in this case) and then to export images and probably a JSON file with the grid data, that other folks could ingest and use in other derivatives. I think the key would be for us to come up with an agreed upon protocol for querying a map token and getting data about it. Anyone interested in working on this?


These maps look great! I’m working on a procedural dungeon generator (all to be done in solidity / on chain).

I proposed an API for this here: Dungeons - simple procedural map generator - #22 by threepwave

I am hoping that this API can expand to other types of land (e.g. towns, world maps, etc).

Take a look and let me know what you think!


It’s interesting to see the two of you in the same thread in this way. A Ruin could be defined as both a rendered instance of, as well as a container of the Dungeon archetype.

happy to witness the moment when moment@matto-matto and @threepwave met for the first time to work on lootproject.
mark this day in your calendars (or at least in loot’s history book)! good luck guys, both your work looks awesome.