Seek solutions to problems faced by loot

Early development of Loot was difficult and expensive to design, but the economic benefits were lagging. There are two reasons: First, contrary to the excess supply of CryptoKitties, the total circulation of Loot is only 8,000, and the number of Loot holders is even less. Such a niche community and limited market make it difficult to attract developers to “contribute” to the Loot ecosystem. Second, how to apply the underlying logic of the Loot ecosystem to the game is a difficult problem to solve. A good game design should allow players to experience the thrill of changing from easy to difficult, constantly upgrading, and constantly challenging themselves. Just like World of Warcraft, it is a step-by-step process from walking out of the novice village with no money to collecting the grand marshal suit. Clever level design and linearly expanding values ​​are the precise cogs that keep this immersive virtual world going. Once there is a slight deviation in the numerical design, the player’s game experience will easily fall into a vortex that is too difficult or too simple, which will eventually lead to the collapse of the world view. The introduction of off-site assets like Loot has undoubtedly made the already difficult game design even more tricky. Therefore, how to accurately design the game logic so that both high adventurer with rare ability value and relatively common adventurer can get a smooth game experience requires careful design by the developer.

Finally, the early minters of Loot are the biggest vested interests, they only need to pay very little gas fee to get very high income, which is unfair to the later community participants. Taking Fantasy Westward Journey as an example, why is the equipment of a very early game that has no players at present still sold at high prices? This is because players need to buy point cards to play the game, and equipment is the value aggregation of money cost and player time cost. And the high price of Loot does not match the efforts of the players who gather in it, which is another issue that needs to be considered.

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