Tunes: AI-generated loot-compatible music

Hey everyone! Big fan of the Loot – loved seeing the ecosystem develop over the last few days and thought I’d throw my hat into the ring :slight_smile:. Any and all feedback is welcome:

:musical_note:Every adventure needs a soundtrack!:musical_note:

Tunes are the first music NFTs in the Loot ecosystem: 8-bit chiptunes generated by a neural network seeded with each token’s unique ID. Each tune is a full-length song of about 2-4 minutes

Check out some examples, listenable right on Opensea:

Mintable at LootTunes | 0x39c29999cc4f8b8536b44cda91f636c44ef054d3

  • Free for all loot holders to claim their respective Tune
  • Tunes #8000 to #12000 are mintable by anyone
  • Significant discounts for early minters

First 100 Tunes minted cost just 0.01 ETH
Next 900 cost 0.03 ETH
The remaining tunes cost 0.05 ETH