What is the exact function of AGLD?

Hi, I’ve been trying to do some research on what actually AGLD is and what it is used for.

So far there seems to be some confusion going on. Therefor I would like if anyone could clear this up for me.

So far from what Ive gathered is that AGLD is to be used as an in-game currency, and that’s fine.

What Ive also gathered is some believe that AGLD is to be used as a governance token for the Loot project, but from what I’ve read around here is that, that is untrue and that actually Loot holders are the actual governance here. ---- Is this correct?

In essence it would be cool to have a strict to the point information on what AGLD is and what it is to be used for, if anything pinned.

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Correct that AGLD is not the governance token for Loot.

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