What should $FLOOT and Familiars owners do with the current 57 Genesis Mana?

Official vote is here.

Genesis is likely Loot’s most active derivative project and the Floot and Familiar collective currently is able to claim 57 Genesis Mana with our 37 Loots. Before we lock the Loots in fractional.art, we could mint the Genesis Mana and do some things with these.

We could either sell the Genesis Mana (floor of GM is 0.22 ETH), try to mint some Genesis Adventurers by trading a few to buy others (floor of GA is 3.25) or do nothimg. As Timshel told me, it could be quite remarkable to coordinate the Floot and Familiar collective to mint Genesis Adventurers, which is a Loot coordination game on its own. Perhaps this (or these) Adventurer would have a special history in the Lore of Loot.

Downside of doing anything is that it would take time and delay the fractionalization of our Loots and the minting of Floots. In addition, we need to account for the gas cost of minting and trading.

Here are our options:

  1. Mint the Genesis Mana and sell them. Revenue would be used to buy more Loots
  2. Mint the Genesis Mana, trade some and try to mint Genesis Adventurers. Sell remaining GM
  3. Mint the Genesis Mana and lock them in the vault with the Loots
  4. Do nothing and let the future owner of these Loots mint these GM

Here’s the list of the Genesis Mana we can claim ;

1. Weapon (7)

Wand of Protection - [Epic]
Short Sword of Detection - [Epic]
Wand of Protection - [Epic]
Mace of Giants - [Epic]
Mace of the Twins - [Epic]
Long Sword of Power - [Epic]
Short Sword of Protection - [Epic]

2. Chest (12)

“Pain Tear” Studded Leather Armor of Vitriol - [Legendary]
Robe of Enlightenment - [Epic]
Leather Armor of Skill - [Epic]
“Tempest Moon” Hard Leather Armor of the Twins +1 - [Mythic]
“Soul Whisper” Silk Robe of Anger - [Mythic]
Shirt of Rage - [Legendary]
Plate Mail of Skill - [Legendary]
Dragonskin Armor of the Fox - [Epic]
Plate Mail of Detection - [Epic]
Plate Mail of Anger - [Legendary]
Chain Mail of Power - [Legendary]
Plate Mail of Brilliance - [Epic]

3. Head (10)

Ancient Helm of Giants - [Legendary]
Divine Hood of the Twins - [Legendary]
“Kraken Grasp” Hood of Brilliance +1 - [Mythic]
Crown of Giants - [Legendary]
Ornate Helm of Power - [Legendary]
“Victory Peak” Hood of Power +1 - [Legendary]
Demon Crown of Perfection - [Legendary]
“Carrion Glow” War Cap of the Twins - [Mythic]
Linen Hood of Brilliance - [Legendary]
Silk Hood of Detection - [Legendary]

4. Waist (5)

Silk Sash of Brilliance - [Legendary]
Wool Sash of Titans - [Epic]
Brightsilk Sash of Vitriol - [Legendary]
“Victory Peak” Plated Belt of Fury +1 - [Mythic]
Mesh Belt of Titans - [Epic]

5. Foot (9)

Chain Boots of Detection - [Epic]
“Gloom Peak” Demonhide Boots of the Fox +1 - [Mythic]
Silk Slippers of Brilliance - [Legendary]
Heavy Boots of Fury - [Legendary]
Greaves of Fury - [Legendary]
Hard Leather Boots of Anger - [Legendary]
“Havoc Glow” Studded Leather Boots of Vitriol - [Mythic]
Divine Slippers of Perfection - [Legendary]
Holy Greaves of Fury - [Epic]

6. Hand (3)

“Brimstone Peak” Gloves of Reflection +1 - [Mythic]
Divine Gloves of Giants - [Legendary]
“Mind Peak” Gauntlets of Enlightenment +1 - [Mythic]

7. Neck (4)

Necklace of Anger - [Epic]
Pendant of Fury - [Epic]
Necklace of Giants - [Epic]
Necklace of Reflection - [Epic]

8. Ring (7)

Platinum Ring of Fury - [Epic]
Titanium Ring of Vitriol - [Epic]
Gold Ring of Power - [Epic]
Bronze Ring of Power - [Epic]
Bronze Ring of Fury - [Epic]
“Morbid Glow” Titanium Ring of Vitriol - [Mythic]
Bronze Ring of Rage - [Epic]


As a Familiars owner and GA owner I’m a probably a little biased, but I love option #2 “Mint the Genesis Mana, trade some and try to mint Genesis Adventurers. Sell remaining GM”

I think it could be a great way for us all to come together before $FLOOT distribution.


I’m not set on any proposition yet but I like the point of making the FLOOT community come together.

I’m blown away by @phabc’s foresight and inclusiveness here. I think we have a moment in time where we could truly break new ground in Web3 — an epic collaborative game played between two DAOs.

Full disclosure: I’m a “founding Historian” of Genesis Project, an active holder of Floot, and a holder of OG Loot and mLoot. So, I’m biased!

My bias = towards building a positive bridge that strengthens the Lootverse.

In terms of @PhABC’s wonderful proposal.

The Genesis Project community would be thrilled to trade GMs to help Floot successfully “resurrect” 5 Genesis Adventurers (using 40 Genesis Mana and costing 1.25ETH), leaving 17 GMs left for Floot to sell for ~4ETH, plenty to cover gas and GA mint fees.

This would be absolutely epic and probably unprecedented — if Loot thrives and expands to the degree I believe it can, the stories of this moment would go down in history.

= The first time in history that a DAO played a collaborative game with another DAO and then fractionalized the prize. :crystal_ball:

  1. A DAO with fractional NFTs (Floot) claiming its rightful derivative NFTs (Genesis Mana)

  2. Then coming together to play a collaborative game as its first community action

  3. Playing this collaborative game in concert with another DAO (Genesis Project)

  4. The game: to design characters and stories that get built and written to the blockchain (Genesis Adventurers)

  5. And then locking those NFTs/Characters back into a vault and fractionalizing them for the community, thereby expanding and strengthening the Floot treasury and community.

That’s just epically awesome.

It takes “proof of collaboration” and brings it to a whole new level.

My strong vote =

#2 Mint the Genesis Mana, trade some and try to mint Genesis Adventurers (5 GAs). Sell remaining GM (17 GMs).


I don’t think I could put it better than timshel but I would definately vote towards #2. Missed chance if we didn’t mint the GM’s adds more value to this project + others in the ecosystem.

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I like #2 (for Tim’s reasons).


I personnaly vote for #3

my vote is for option # 2 please

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Created an official vote on snapshot ; Snapshot

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