Writers Need Your Help!

The Writers Room Discord has been trying to figure out ways to bring more writers, artists, and poets to Loot.

Yesterday morning we came up with the idea to build a Wattpad, but for Loot.

All contributors can hang out in the Discord, meet, collaborate, etc.
For example: A short story writer finds an illustrator.

Built in the spirit of Loot, we want to create a platform, then step back and see what people do with it.
Something that’s a cross between Wattpad, Reddit, and Obsidian.

We are looking for builders and artists to help make this a reality.

Let us know if you have any ideas, and/or want to help.


Imagine a private room for all book holders.

Imagine sections for each guild.

Art-design is like an old library/gallery.

Creators can be tipped with AGLD.

Leaderboard to surface top content.


Fully support this! Adventurer needs context and storyline! Literature needs to be preserved eternally on chain!


would love to see this built. Really keen to get writing!

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We can see it as an encyclopedia but not arranged alphabetically, but with the Loot imagination.

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Yup, I can see that. Putting together the lore would be a thing…

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wow - this looks so cool!

hee hee! I like libraries. A lot