A North Star in the Lootverse Sky: LootProject.com v2

Heyo Loot holders, players, builders and the wider community!

I’m positively buzzing with energy to share this:

A North Star in the Lootverse Sky: LootProject.com v2 — Mirror

…and this:


It feels to me that this marks a milestone moment for the Lootverse.

This LootProject.com v2 is a labor of love, and like any major open source project, is a “proof of collaboration." In the future, I believe that trustless teamwork and “proof of coordination” is simply how things will get done in the world.

Our community is paving the way for a globally-distributed, semi-pseudo decentralized - and decent - world.

Thank you again to Dom for the gift of Loot - it has become a time portal through which we’ve seen the future. This Loot machine has manifested joy, learning and new friendships across time and space. And we’ve only just begun.

We have put many many late nights and weekends into this while juggling our own projects plus IRL and families — we hope you like it :purple_heart:

Wide open to feedback, please reply here with thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and anything else you can dream.


Exciting to watch the broader Loot ecosystem start to coalesce around shared ideas and vision. Keep building!


Appreciate the hard work you and all others have done, v2 looks incredible!

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