Guiding Principles & "North Star" for the website

TLDR: Please give feedback on the guiding principles, design guidelines and “North Star” for ongoing updates to the website.


A collective of Loot builders and community members have come together recently to act as trusted voices of the Loot community in order to shepherd the development of an update to the website. This is the launch post from a few weeks ago:


As representatives of the wider Lootverse community, this group is committed to ongoing support for the Loot website.

Because we aim to channel the voice of the community, we would like the community to come together to give feedback and blessings to the following guiding principles, goals, and the overall “North Star” we’re steering towards.

We’re hoping to get feedback, edit this, and then codify this with a Loot Improvement Proposal (LIP).

A North Star in the Lootverse Sky

We believe that we can use the website to create a foundation for a cohesive Lootverse that creates space for infinite creativity, infinite projects, and infinite stories.

We are committed to building an inclusive, sustainable and fun ecosystem in and around Loot.

Guiding Principles for

We can surface structure and cohesive scaffolding that will make Loot more accessible, more enduring, more fun.

Even as a decentralized and distributed community, we (collectively!) can still have a point of view.

Through the website, we can channel the collective energy of the community and surface the amazing projects, stories, games, media and creativity that are all emerging across the Lootverse

The website should aim to represent the community and create space for infinite creativity, while also creating some constraints such that a cohesive Lootverse emerges.

Goals for

For Players:

  • Help players understand the forest for the trees in order to make it easy and fun for new players to start playing.

For Builders:

  • Help builders find the tools, the information, and the community to design fun and successful projects around Loot
  • Help builders to work in harmony with the ever-growing canon and ever-expanding lore.

For the Community, broadly:

  • Surface and reinforce the collective energy of the community.
  • Set a foundation for an infinitely-expandable yet still-cohesive Lootverse.
  • Prove that decentralized, trustless, global work can result in world-changing, category-defining outcomes

Translating this into some more specific principles for the website, there are 3 main pages on the site:

  • Homepage — notes below
  • Resources (All projects) — An organized list of all Loot projects that anyone can add to. This creates space for community projects, media projects, games, art, lore, derivatives, and beyond.
  • Build — An organized list of dev tools and pointers to help builders across the Lootverse.

Design Principles for the Homepage

  • Overindex on inclusiveness but not at the expense of players.
  • Move towards a model where the community influences the order of projects on the homepage through upvotes/downvotes, within the “Chapters” structure.
  • Projects that align with the community-established foundational lore of Loot are more likely to make sense on the homepage vs. projects that run counter to that community-established foundational lore, which still have a home in the Resources page.


  • Projects on the homepage should have an active team/builders/community, and must not be a rug/scam or dead project.
  • Upvotes on represent the voice of the active Loot community. Top projects on LootWatcher should be strongly considered from the homepage.
  • Community consensus should prevail — the #website-suggestions channel in the main Discord is a good place for builders to advocate for their projects to be on the homepage and drum up community support
  • The projects on the homepage should be notable entry points that give players a path into the Lootverse and a positive experience.

Open Questions:

  • How do we best surface new projects that don’t yet have traction, but seem promising?
  • Since Loot doesn’t have a centralized dev team, yet still has an ever-expanding community of builders, how do we surface the upcoming “roadmap” and upcoming projects?
  • When should a project be removed from the homepage?
  • How do we ensure that the website continues to evolve with the Lootverse, as projects become more high fidelity, lore becomes more established, and the ecosystem continues to evolve in unexpected ways?

If you’ve made it this far, thanks :slight_smile: and please comment below!


I am very supportive of your proposal, but the founder seems to ignore it.

What do you mean? Can you elaborate?

what about direct support for active projects in the verse?

If a new project shows promise they will need guidance on how to build a proper structure around it.

things like getting financed, hiring talented builders and designers etc.

perhaps have a “playbook” about building a project within the lootverse?

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All the original sin of chaos lies in some root holders, greed. They don’t think about long-term development. They just want to airdrop all the time. The agld voted for a new economic model, hoping to satisfy their greed.

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I don’t think I understand. Are you referring to something related to AGLD? This topic is about Loot, and the website.

nice, i like the idea of adding that kind of playbook to the Build page!

Maybe we can monitor how alignd the project’s vision is with the Lootverse where the founder present its project and vision (I think this should be informal and allow maximum creativity for expression) and once the presentation is public, we can launch a vote to list it on the font-end ? I don’t see how to make it more fair than with a vote, but I am scared that not enough people would vote … How often do we think we’ll have new projects arriving ?

Well, maybe in the previously selected projects, each project would keep its roadmap up to date (and it should be a requirement to keep being featured on the homepage ?

I suggest that as long as the dev team keep working on its project, trying to make it work, keep being active and eager for adoption and development of its project, the project deserve to keep being featured. If he made it there, it mean that he want to succeed and is serious enough, so he deserve a chance as long as he fight for it. And when he gives up, we should be alowed to remove it.

This is thoughtful and I’d be supportive of this plan.

Agree that a vote quorum could be hard if we had to do a fresh snapshot for every website update.

This is partially why the Loot Alliance was informally created actually. We could vote once as a community to have the Loot Alliance manage this “what makes it to the homepage” decision using all the criteria I posted above plus weaving in your great suggestions. This would avoid us having to create a new Snapshot vote for every website update. Thoughts?

I am not aware of the Loot Alliance tbh. I’ll check that.

Until then, here is another thought, we could educate our community to delegate their votes to specific Loot DAOs and though reach quorum every time. Those proposals aren’t life-threathening for the project and could easily be delegated. The opinion on this subject often is similar accross project I guess and once you trust someone’s vision, you can be pretty confident that you’ll be agree with him for future votes on what projects to add on the website.

Check this out here:

And our launch post for the LootProject v2 website:

From what I’ve seen, you seem like someone who should join the Loot Alliance!

The Loot Alliance is a collective of builders, designers, and geeks working together as representatives of the wider Lootverse community to shepherd the ongoing Lootverse in the direction of positivity, inclusiveness and fun in order to create a strong foundation for players and builders.

We are committed to building a healthy, sustainable and fun ecosystem in and around Loot.

Yeah this could really be discussed by the Loot Alliance for sure, as long as it’s a small group of aligned members. And then if some people disagree we could make a more broad Snapshot, but right now, this seems not needed :ok_hand:

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