An AGLD proposal that works for everyone

A proposal that I think offers the potential to increase both AGLD value and the initial loot value as the system grows while giving newcomers a little something of value too.

  1. Separate governance from AGLD and have it be assigned to the loot owners and mloot to make it more open and democratic.
  2. Initial loot value is preserved by a class A class B style voting vs just having value for being the first edition. Ratio tbd but say initial loot bag votes weigh 20x m/xLoot vote
  3. All holders including m/xloot holders get a one time distribution of ASLV - 1 AGLD gets 100 ASLV and each x/mloot bag gets 1 silver. This establishes value today.
  4. AGLD can be further staked to yield ASLV as the games are developed to spend ASLV on
  5. ASLV value also rises with the ecosystem and AGLD increase at a higher rate as it earns silver for free while everyone else has to go out and buy it. If there’s no development on the game front then it’s all worthless anyway

More discussion can be found here: Discord

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Yes, DONT CHANGE AGLD, let others choose to acquire/incorporate/AMMswap it!

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