Battle Game for Loot owners

Hey all, making good progress on my game for Loot (and mloot) owners

One sneak peak :


Looking good! Can you share more details on how the game is going to work?

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Hey Dom!
more details will be coming soon hopefully but in a nutshell it is a card game where Loot are decks.
You play in a “free for all” mechanism and the winner get to pick one of the loot played.

I am still fine tuning some of the game design.

It is also part of a meta-game that will hopefully create an ecosystem for on-chain games like this one and give value to play them.

An new sneak peak :

By the way, I created a discord server for the ecosystem that the game and its system enable : The Loot Gods DAO

announcement :

The idea is to create a DAO to curate the games and ensure sound game mechanics that the system requires.

Going to publish more details soon. Thanks!

Just an update.
I was planning to launch YooLoot this weekend but decided to wait to improve the UX.

won’t be perfect, expect entering numbers but it should be functional and explanatory :slight_smile:
There is a website ready for it though :

tweet :

Launching on goerli testnet :