"XP (for Adventurers)" is live

Hey all I just deployed “XP (for Adventurers)” here

It is a new building block for Loot, a system where game can reward Loot player wirh XP (Experience points)
More info here

announcement : https://twitter.com/wighawag/status/1436308078387998728

My game YooLoot will be the first game to use it. Coming very soon… Going to publish a blog post soon too

Would love to get feedback on the idea and get people to build more game leveraging it.



It is now deployed on
Arbitrum : Contract Address 0x51E3bCbE694964EDD2dB80DF545bDAd5FbdF9B7b | Arbiscan
Matic: Contract Address 0x51E3bCbE694964EDD2dB80DF545bDAd5FbdF9B7b | PolygonScan

One cool consequence of the XP system design, is that we can later bridge the XP across chain.

Looks cool! Reading correctly that only greenlit projects can add XP?

Yes this is to ensure XP is added to meaningfull games and so require curation to avoid having a game generating too much xp, etc…

The plan is to setup a DAO to coordinate: The Loot Gods DAO

Note that game that want to integrate but do not have the green light yet, can still count XP on their end and then have a switch to record the XP on “XP (for Adventurers)” later.