Feel free to play out the LootVerse

1、Why Loot?

I always feel that Dom’s Loot inspiration must come from God. A simple way has almost opened the door to all imagination.

First look at the code:

Almost all NFT’s Smart Contracts can only get one URI, which is the return value of BAYC.


It’s an IPFS address.
while Loot’s TokenURI returns the text:

Grim Shout
Grave Wand of Skill +1
Hard Leather Armor
Divine Hood
Hard Leather Belt
“Death Root” Ornate Greaves of Skill
Studded Leather Gloes
Gold Ring

Let the blockchain from now on has warmth, from now on has unlimited imagination, from now on has entered a new “content programming era !”

So, Let us use our unlimited imagination and creativity, and maybe play together to create the LootVerse

2、Let there be “light”

Imagine a Smart Contract called Meta, which is the source of everything that creates the most basic elements: Meta-Token, and everything meta-token is derived from the text of OG Loot

2.1 Meta-Toke

It is a series of ERC20 tokens, there are two types:

2.1.1、Meta-Token Char (MTC), here are two possible options for discussion:

  • Each letter and symbol has an independent Meta-Token
    • Naming example: MTC_A, B, but “J” seems to be missing? !
  • All characters are unified into a Meta-Token
    • Naming example: MTC

Perhaps the cultural cornerstone of the LootVerse

2.1.2、Meta-Token Word (MTW)

  • All the words in Loot create a Meta-Token independently
  • Naming example: MTW_GOLD
  • Perhaps the material cornerstone of the Lootverse

Each Meta-Token will create a Meta-Token: DAI trading pair on uniswap V3,and will use the ALP to achieve liquidity providing
The meaning of meta-token is completely deduced and determined by the community.

2.2 Generation rules:

  • Staking OG token, generating Meta-Token

  • Each natural day is a generation cycle

  • Generated from the text of the staking OG loot

    • For one generation cycle, one unit of Meta-Token Char (MTC) is generated for one character
    • For one generation cycle, one unit of Meta-Token Word (MTW) is generated for one word

    Loot #1350 contains: Warhammer, Demon Husk, Helm, Sash of Fury, Greaves, Leather Gloves of Power, Pendant, Platinum Ring , A day of staking can generation:

    • 85 units of MTC (including spaces)
    • Warhammer, Demon Husk, Helm, Sash of Fury, Greaves, Leather Gloves of Power, Pendant,
      Platinum Ring, Each of these 13 words is 1 unit of MTW, and “of” appears twice, all are 2 units of MTW

    other example:If 8,000 Loot are staking, and gold is 1539, the maximum amount of gold that can be generated in 100 years is:

    • 1539 * 365 * 100 = 55,808,500 units

2.3 Allocation rules:

  • 50% of the Meta-Token is Allocation to the stakers of OG loot

  • 50% of the Meta-Token is Allocation to the builder of the LootVerse’s community, as detailed below

    This allocation ratio will be the first proposal to be voted on by the community

2.4 So there was “light” :the basic elements

  • Loot holders can continue to make profits and have a strong motivation to participate
  • The number of community participants will increase significantly and will not be limited by the number of Loot
  • Developers are motivated and sustainable

3、Creating “The human world”

3.1 imagine

Here, there is only one rule:

  • Meta-Token need to pay

Otherwise, you’re free to create anything, either a token or an NFT. Imagine someone writing the following contract:

  • 10 MTW_GOLD + 2 MTW_SUN + 1month to create a “Crown of light”

  • printing books with MTC and believing that the more unit there are, the more magic there is

  • 10 MTW_WOOL + MTW_TEAR + 1 week, says “Magic Carpet”

  • use gloves. Think you can extract “love”

  • some algorithm can be used to create Chinese characters from MTC

  • spelled “Gold”with MTC, but no one wanted to sell it,everyone thought it was fake, unlike MTW’s GOLD

  • combine a series of contracts to create a city-state, a game world

    • similar to the Redstone system in Minecraft, the industrial MOD system, and so on, to satisfy your desire to create your own world
    • similar to the Runewords system in Diablo 2 to enhance your own gear
    • or something like Animal Crossing where you design your own beautiful costumes or decorations to beautify people or the environment

3.2 Possible consensus:

As long as it can be sold

  • The purpose of creating a contract can be profit
  • Output can be used as raw material for new products
  • Everyone can create a contract
    • Some can call production at will
      • Only a certain amount of Meta-Token (e.g. 2%) has to be paid to the creator of the contract for each production
    • Some can only be called by the creator

Time is a valuable material

  • Time is the only ingredient you can add without money
  • The interval between the preparation of the metamaterial and the production of the finished product


  • Meta-Token consumed by production should be locked in the contract


  • The product can be restored for the original material

  • another 2% (maybe) to the developer who restores to the contract

  • Time cannot be restored

3.3 So there is “the human world”, Feel free to play in any way you want.

  • Everything can be traced and quantified

    • Each product contains Meta-Token and time that can be traced and quantified
  • Valuation can be fully automated, and thus form a programmable system of business value

  • Free creation, market choice

  • Creators can have no money and just profit from ideas


If Loot’s NFT contract started the era of “content programming”, then “Feel free to use Loot in any way you want.” is the manifesto of self-organization, Dom just wrote a NFT contract, no website, no discord, no reward token, and no rules… but everything is realized in a self-organized form. Will pepper’s courage to issue AGLD on his own initiative reflects the strong inclusiveness and adaptability of this form.

Of course, any self-organized system should have a bottom-up incentive mechanism based on simple rules, So a decentralized incentive organization platform based on game theory was chosen: icpdao.co, to ensure that everyone can participate freely and that every job is properly rewarded.

4.1 Incentive Mechanism

Issue a Community Contribution Reward Token: LTV (LooTVerse)

Release Rules:

  • Monthly release: 10000

  • Halve every two years thereafter

  • Maximum amount: <500,000

Allocation rules:

  • 100% for contribution rewards (POW)

    • In ICPDAO mode, tokens are distributed based on the proportion of the monthly contribution
  • Increase 10% for ALP (Auto LP)

    • Automatically added to the pool of Uniswap trading pairs LTV-DAI for automatic liquidity provision(Auto LP), never quit. For details, see:icpdao whitepaper 3.3

Treatment of community income

Create a staking contract for the LTV token, and distribute any income from the community, including but not limited to the Meta contract and the obtained Meta-Token share, or donation, etc., according to the proportion of pledge.

4.2 How to get involved

Just take the following five steps

  1. find something you are interested in and can do, do it.

  2. submit your contribution in the form of an issue in a specific repo on https://github.com/lootverse. Submissions can be: code, photos of events, links to copy, screenshots of clubhouse, whatever …

  3. mark job in ICPDAO (mark the price of the contribution).

4.Participate regularly each month in the ICPDAO contribution rating poll.

  1. Wait for the TLV Token to enter your wallet automatically.

4.3 The pursuit of justice in the rules

No Token is reserved

There are only two ways to get Token:

  • Contribute job: Submit contributions on the ICPDAO

  • Contribute money: Buy directly from Uniswap

No funders

No founding team

  • Every contributor is equal

  • Everyone is free to decide what to contribute

  • Anything of value to the community can be contributed

  • For example: write code, operate, organize events, fix copywriting, submit bugs, discussion, proposals, pre-research , and everything.

5、My attitude and postion

  • This is a personal proposal and has nothing to do with any organization. When this proposal was released, I had 1 OG loot

  • Early in the launch, I will act as a reviewer for Github. This does not mean that I have the ability to evaluate the professionalism of contributing jobs. It is more to ensure that everyone is familiar with the rules and procedures. I hope that capable people will actively apply to become reviewers

  • This is a self-organizing practice, so I hope to leave as soon as possible

  • I believe:All viable complex systems (organizations) are based on simple rules and bottom-up evolution and emergence

Note: The original draft of this article is transcribed in Chinese (here), so please refer to the comparison if you are not clear


wow, My goodness!!! this idea is so genius and epoch-making! ! ! If this idea is really realized, then loot will have unlimited imagination and development space. It also means that everyone who owns an OG loot will have a perpetual motion machine that can generate benefits forever! I think this idea is comparable to Ethereum :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :+1:


@c_t9lives @polk @Hierux @Tybow Perhaps you would be interested in

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use gloves. Think you can extract “love”



I am not sure to understand, is it something like this “word” contract https://opensea.io/collection/word ?

It seems your idea is implemented on ERC20 tokens, how would that work and how would it be used ? I need to makes sense of that :eyes:

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we need a token. i like this idea. lets do it


I like the idea. Token brings value. :smiley:

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Think of OG loot as a chicken that lays eggs. The text of the loot will produce new letters and words every day, and you can sell the eggs or assemble them yourself into something new, anything you want!!This will bring unlimited imagination…

Ok I get it, but how would you create some items from those words and letters ? What would be the process ?

Publish a new contract that can consume some meta token to generate something new

This is also a great idea!

really great idea! do it!

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dom’s response to lootverse’s proposal in the discord is:
that’s actually a pretty interesting idea
i’ve never seen a composable ERC20 like that
the main advantage would be the fungibility (ironically). on the other hand managing hundreds of tokens potentially and trying to setApproval() for all of them could be a lot. in some ways it’s what ERC1155 is trying to solve? but 1155’s don’t plug into the dex’s and all that stuff that i assume is motivation here
The challenges against the huge number of token varieties may come from two aspects: 1. the high gas cost of deploying token contracts (roughly 1eth) which is a huge cost (especially for self-organized communities); 2. the large number of factory contracts required to perform setApproval.
For gas, now there is a new idea: develop a CreateToken function in the staking contract to achieve: a. deploy the token contract; b. add uniswap pool, e.g. 1DAI-100000MTW_GOLD (regardless of whether there is already a loot staking); if someone thinks MTW_GOLD has investment value, it can spend gas to call, and can be the first time to buy at a low price, for example, with 1000DAI can buy 99900, the average price is about 0.01DAI/MTW_GOLD, then the market price becomes 10DAI/MTW_GOLD, the future will be rewarded as the price rises, completely determined by the market, this can also solve loot the question of which words should be created first in the loot.
But no good idea about setApproval yet, if you have a good idea, please feel free to tell me


i love it~ hope you continue to move this project forward

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Great Idea!!! It can be fully used by the community and can increase the value of Loot permanently !!! not separated like AGLD

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In planning for the lootverse based on a self-organizing exploration with zero money, zero talent, and zero resources. Should be ready for release in a few days.
The core of the lootverse is not to do it, but how to do it

Great! Do it!
just suggestion: What is the place of loot in the lootverse? Probably the most important thing. Of course, loot is player in the lootverse. I hope that when designing the contract model, loot can be considered as one of the producers (for example, for a contract that generates magic, every time a magic is generated, it needs “m,a,g,i,c” chars and 3 days working of 3 loot bags with the magician attributes). In addition, the combinability of the basic property contract with other contracts should be considered.

Very interesting suggestions,Can you explain why need 3 loot bags

I think this is a kind of mechanisme of pow, time+loot bag’s work, that is where the value is.(like in the realworld, the value comes from people’s labor per unit time). However I am thinking in a prototype in three basis for the lootverse:

  1. Lootverse role basis: loot and mloot, they are the main body exploring the world, the producer and consumer of all materials in the world.
  2. Lootverse material basis: a-z and +, “,”, 1 are 30 kinds of elements that are always uniformly distributed in the lootverse space. loot and mloot are the extractors of these elements. Use these elements as raw materials to construct attributes and items. Loot and mloot are the producers and consumers/owners of these attributes and items. Attributes can act on items and change item attributes.
  3. Lootverse exploration basis: several independent or interrelated events in lootverse. The event produces items/attributes and requires items and roles to participate. For example, to produce a table, there needs to be a number of loot/mloot+production time+production materials (we can expect that there will be professional table production factories employing roles, and other roles will be entrusted Order); For example, to participate in a battle, you need to hold items with offensive attributes + loot/mloot + battle time. The purpose of the event is for the character to obtain the materials/articles it needs and create more value.

1 I always thought that only OG loot has the qualities of Genesis
2 It is MTC, but less than 30 letters, When dom was designing the loot, it’s amazing that all the words don’t contain “J”
2, how do you think MTW can be used on the human world?
3, Inspired by you, I might think it would be more interesting to use PoT (Proof of Time) here, time is fair to everyone
4, Very much hope you can be a erc20 lootverse contributor