$FLOOT - Collective to Buy and Fractionalize Floor Loots

We want more people to have exposure to Loots, hence we created Floot & Familiars (for Adventurers)


You can buy a Familiar (for Adventurers) for 0.2 ETH. ALL REVENUE will be used to buy floor Loots in the coming weeks, which will then be fractionalized via https://fractional.art, the genesis of $FLOOT. Once fractionalized, each familiar will allow its owner to redeem 110k $FLOOT. A DAO controlled by Familiar owners will also be created and will hold 10% of $FLOOT. Each familiar has the same voting power in this Familiar DAO. While very simple, sale contract hasn’t been audited, so use at your own risks.

What is $FLOOT?

$FLOOT are shares of a large fractionalized bundle of floor OG loots, allowing you to own OG Loots for a more affordable price.

How do I get $FLOOT?

You need to purchase a Familiar (see below), which will allow you to redeem $FLOOT once the floor Loots are purchased and fractionalized (in the coming weeks).

What are Familiars?

Familiars are loyal creatures that eat up any Loot that fall on the floor! These creatures have up to 5 traits and each familiar has an affinity with its corresponding loot. For instance, a rare loot will more likely yield a rare familiar.
Each familiar will be able to claim 110k $FLOOT and will be able to vote in the Familiar DAO.

How do I purchase Familiars?

In this second stage of Familiars (for Adventurers), anyone can purchase familiars for 0.2 ETH each (100% of the revenue will be used to buy floor Loots). You don’t need to own a Loot already.

  1. Go to LootFamiliars | 0xb9a9f29c037d09d284e6e218519c7bb67fbd2ef8 and call the multiMint()
  2. In the first input box, enter the amount of ETH you want to send (e.g. if you buy 2 familiars, put 0.4 ETH)
  3. In the second input box, enter an array of Familiar IDs you want to purchase (e.g. to buy Familiar #111 and #333, enter [111,333]). Make sure there are no spaces between the numbers.
    Warning: Make sure you buy familiars that have NOT been claimed yet.

How do I know which familiar can still be purchased?

  1. Go to LootFamiliars | 0xb9a9f29c037d09d284e6e218519c7bb67fbd2ef8 and call the isClaimable() function

I have a familiar V1, what do I do?

The 336 owners of V1 familiars will be able to claim the corresponding V2 familiar for free. These are reserved for V1 familiar owners and there is no rush to claim them.
Anyone can call the airdropWithV1Familiars() function with the V1 familiar ID to mint them to their current owner (:pray:). If the sale is successful, we will pay the fees ourselves (3-10 ETH total) to airdrop all these familiars since we don’t want V1 owners to pay gas fee again.

How will floor Loots be purchased?

In the coming weeks, we will purchase floor loots on Opensea until no more can be purchased.

How will $FLOOT be distributed?

  • Total supply: 1B $FLOOT
  • Each Familiar will allow its owner to claim 110,000 $FLOOT
  • 10% of $FLOOT will be reserve for the Familiar DAO
  • 2% of $FLOOT will go to the Familiar creators

What if not all Familiars are sold?

It will be possible to mint familiars during two weeks, after which minting will be paused. Whatever ETH was raised then will be used to buy floor loots.

What is the Familiar DAO?

10% of all $FLOOT will be deposited in a DAO contract.
All familiar owners will be able to vote on how to utilize these funds
Each familiar will have the same voting weight

Is it possible to buy more floor Loot in the future to add to the factional bundle?

There are ways to add more Loot to the bundle, which would increase the # of loot $FLOOT holders would own, but it’s complicated. Fractional.art doesn’t have a native way of doing this so the familiar community will need to be creative.


Discord: Floot & Familiars (for Adventurers)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlootFamiliars


Sounds better than AGLD for sure.
I’m in.


I love the concept and am in. Really fun project!

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Support this concept and joined. Great idea and implementation!


Amazing. Where could you buy these on secondary?

You can buy familiars (for Adventurers) on opensea and Floot will be available on Uniswap and other exchanges.


Amazing! Can’t wait to buy $FLOOT on Uniswap. What exactly will I be owning at this point with $FLOOT & how will it connect to the loot held by the DAO?