Getting Funding to help and encourage development

Hey all,

I can’t stop tinkering with Loot and already deployed a contract : “Loot For Everyone” at my cost without any return and I am planning to launch a new onchain game soon ( but it would be great if there was someway to get some funding from the loot ecosystem. This would encourage builders to build.
It would also help new project to be recognized more easily.

Is there already such resource somewhere ?



Hey ronan,

I thought of you when lootproject started and now you’re here :slight_smile:

Check this one out: Snapshot

We will soon have ETH in a treasury governed by loot owners and as you have proven yourself by building ethernalworld, I’d be more than happy to see a formal proposal from you!

Edit: some more time will pass though before there’s ETH in a treasury and procedures/requirements for funding are agreed upon.


I would love to see resources get directed to talented developers like yourself. My proposal for royalty distribution to devs is here: Proposal to Fund Development and Confer Benefits by Charging Royalty Fee


Thanks @maximiliannorz and @trial0r for your replies.
Good to know there is already progress, I ll keep watching

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Please stay involved in the discussions. It is important for the community to know that builders and devs support these ideas as motivation to build, especially while issues of governance are being decided.

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Take a look at this chain too - A holistic proposal for AGLD - solve for mLoot and future proof the community

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